L.O.L Surprise! House, L.O.L Surprise! New, L.O.L. Surprise!

LOL Surprise – Furniture series 2

Good news for lovers of LOL dolls. This gift is perfect for all LOL fans – those who have a LOL Surprise home and those who do not.
Lol Surprise furniture is a set of furniture, accessories and, even, a car for a LOL doll.

An exclusive doll is necessarily included in the set.
You can look at the first series of a set of furniture for a house and a doll LOL here.
The second series of LOL Surprise furniture was also made for the older sisters LOL – dolls OMG LOL Surprise.
Soon OMG dolls series 3 are expected to be on sale:
LOL OMG Busy B.B. – her little sister Can do Baby.
LOL OMG Candylicious – Her Little Sister Bon Bon
LOL OMG Miss Independent – her little sister Independent Queen
LOL OMG Alt Grrrl – her little sister Grounge Grrrl
And here is LOL Surprise furniture sets of the second series.

LOL Surprise Furniture series 2 – Road Trip – with exclusive doll – Can do Baby.

This set includes:

  • car for loldoll
  • trailer
  • two pendants per car
  • stickers
  • scene room
  • exlusive lol doll
  • headband
  • bottle
  • boots
  • dress
lol surprise furniture can do baby 1
lol surprise furniture series 2

Her older sister – LOL OMG Busy B.B.

LOL Surprise omg Busy bb doll

Next set – LOL Surprise furniture Music Festival for the Grounge Grrrl

lol surprise furniture grunge grrrl

Watch our video unpacking LOL Surprise furniture

This LOL Surprise furniture set includes:

  • scene
  • guitar
  • synthesizer with stand
  • sound amplifier
  • dress
  • shoes
  • glasses
  • boutle
  • microphone
  • lol doll
lol surprise furniture grunge grrrl 1
lol surprise omg alt grrrl doll

This LOL doll is a musician. And this is her oldest sister – OMG Alt Grrrl

Next LOL Surprise Furniture – Backstage – with the Independent Queen lol doll.

lol surprise furniture independent queen

And her old sister – LOL OMG Miss Independent

LOL Surprise Furniture includes:

  • scene room
  • dressing table with drawers and mirror
  • chair
  • brush stand
  • boots
  • brush
  • braslets
  • bottle
  • tassel
  • mascara
  • doll Indepented queen
  • lipstick
  • outfit
lol surprise furniture independent queen

And last one Furniture set – Ice Cream Pop-Up with lol surprise doll – Bon Bon

Her old sister – LOL OMG Candylicious.

lol surprise omg candylicious doll
lol surprise furniture bon bon 1
lol surprise furniture bon bon

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