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LOL Surprise Glitter Series used to be very difficult to find. Recently, they appear again in stores.

The LOL Surprise Glitter series is a special limited edition. Many of the dolls you loved in Series 1 are back with extra shiny hair, new outfits and all the new accessories. The LOL Surprise doll collection will not be complete without these beautiful sequined dolls everywhere.

Here is what you need to know about LOL Surprise Glitter Series.

1. Packaging of white ball.
The package is white, the ball inside is golden. The doll shown on the package is a Queen Bee from the Glitter series. She is wearing an incredible brilliant swimsuit (on one shoulder) in black with one long sleeve, and a fashionable golden belt at the waist. She has dark skin, big brown eyes and small neat lips, and her golden hair is gathered in two large buns (buns).

lol glitter series doll

2. In LOL Surprise Glitter Series there are only 12 dolls.
Some of the most popular dolls of the first series were returned with glitter and new outfits to the Glitter series.

The blinged-out glitter series dolls currently include:

  • Queen Bee
  • Cosmic Queen
  • Fancy
  • Fresh
  • M.C. Swag
  • Rocker
  • Diva
  • Teacher’s Pet
  • Super B.B.
  • Hoops MVP
  • Center Stage
  • Miss Baby

lol glitter series

3. Outfits of the LOL Surprise Glitter series are different from the same doll in the series 1.
As the same dolls are being re-released, you might think that the Glitter series is not worth buying. This is definitely not the case!

At this time, the same cuties from the first series get new outfits (and they have shiny hair).

For example, in the first series Queen Bee wore a gold and black striped dress. In the LOL Surprise Glitter series, she wears a long sleeve over one shoulder with a gold belt.

4. For LOL Surprise Glitter Series there is no lil sisters.

5. All dolls are incredible, rare or very rare.
The Glitter series was originally released as a limited edition, so pupae are, of course, very rare. If you see the Glitter series ball, buy it!

The second wave is released under the name Glam Glitter. Check out our Glam Glitter Guide on the site page.

6. These dolls really have a lot of shine.
Glitter Series dolls have glitter on their hair and accessories. The glitter was not properly fixed on the first editions of the dolls, so he peeled off.

The latest version of LOL Surprise Glitter Series does not have this problem. If you buy Glitter Series dolls today, they are unlikely to shine on everything.

7. LOL Surprise Glitter Series dolls have 7 surprises.
Like the dolls in other series, the dolls from the brilliant series include 7 layers of surprises:

Secret message sticker
Water sticker

lol glitter surprises

8. Each doll has 1 of 4 water surprises.
The collector’s sheet makes us understand what a water surprise your doll has. Each doll either spits, cries or pisses or changes color.

Even if the liner shows two surprises, the doll will only make one. This means that if you get two different Miss Baby Glitters, one of them can spit, and the other can cry.


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