LOL Surprise #Hairgoals – Makeover Series 1

lol surprise hairgoals package L.O.L Surprise! series 5

LOL Surprise #Hairgoals Makeover series 1 – Now with the real hair!

10 new Characters of series with real hair and 2 rare glitterati! Dolls hair is stitched.

MGA Entertainment has prepared a surprise for us – a fifth series of LOL Surprise dolls. The  company is trying to prevent a decline in sales associated with the emergence of new surprise dolls Hairdorables with incredibly bright and beautiful hair.

The first and second wave of the first series LOL Surprise #Hairgoals and the second series are currently available to order.

lol surprise makeover series 1 wave 1 and 2

The second series of lol surprise Hairgoals is available for ordering. Click here to read about the new dolls.

lol surprise hairgoals series2 unpacking

LOL Surprise Hairgoals Package and Unpacking

lol surprise hairgoals package

Now the package has even more delightful surprises and new ways to unbox it will be even more interesting to play with them.

Hairspray can capsule LOL Surprise transforms into a display case, salon chair, purse or doll stand.

You can hold your doll and accessories in it. Convenient to take with you on trips and carry by the chain.

lol surprise hairgoals Yang Q.T.
lol surprise hairgoals Yang Q.T.

Also in the fifth series LOL Surpise changed packaging. Instead of a multi-layered ball, it is now a hairspray can Capsule bottle with a painted doll Yang Q.T.


The rest of the L.O.L. Surprise! dolls have not changed, you are also waiting for surprises, unpacking, playing, the definition of a water surprise.

15 surprises of the LOL Surprise Hairgoals

lol surprise hairgoals 15 surprises
  1. magic mirror
  2. secret message
  3. barrette stickers
  4. hair rollers
  5. comb
  6. bottle
  7. shoes
  8. accessory
  9. outfit
  10. disguise extra gloves
  11. disguise extra shoes
  12. disguise mask
  13. disguise extra outfit
  14. doll
  15. styling chair!

LOL Surprise #Hairgoals check list

Who wants to know about each LOL Surprise doll Makeover series? We will tell and show you it!

It’s twelve dolls at the L.O.L Surprise fifth series.

hairgoals list collector

It is the photo of unpacked dolls with accessories and secret messages.

lol hairgoals doll

All LOL Surprise #Hairgoals dolls change color in cold water except Glamour Queen.

Lol hairgoals splatters doll change colour

The Glitteratti Club:

  • Glamour Queen
lol glamour queen hairgoals
LOL Surprise Doll Hair Goals Glamour Queen RARE

It’s Rare LOL doll. Externally it is very similar to the legend of Marilyn Monroe. The Glamor Queen is blonde, she has a mole above her lip and has the same short haircut like Monroe.

She has shiny gloves on her hands, a necklace around her neck. Also she is dressed in shoes and insanely cute and shiny dress with a bow-belt. The bottle is also glitteratti.

LOL Surprise Glamour Queen hairgoals doll

Therefore, she deserves the title of Glamor Queen! The color she does not change, her surprise – crying.

  • Shimone Queen
lol hairgoals shimone queen

Who is Shimone Queen like? In my opinion, very similar to the super star Michael Jackson.

lol shimone queen hairgoals

She has super shiny hair, outfit, socks and a white shiny mitten. Accessories – glasses, bottle and gold ribbon over his shoulder.

shimone queen hairgoals

Shimone Queen belongs to the glitter Club, like the glamor Queen, she is rare, and the surprise is she pee.

Opposites club

  • Yang Q.T. 

The capsule cover doll is Yang Q.T., it belongs to the Opposites Club. And most importantly – she has real stitched white hair with black curls. The hair is long, braided in two cool tails, and there is a cute fluffy bang.


Her arm is adorned with a tattoo, on her legs are white tights with a large mesh and black shoes, and a swimsuit with a belt under a white dress with a black bow. Of the accessories – a bottle and glasses with the title Yang Yin.

This is a popular doll and its surprise – change color!


I think it will be the most desirable girl, because she is painted on the cover of the Hairgoals capsule.

Glam Club

  • Her Majesty
Lol Her Majesty hairgoals

From the Glam Club, Her Majesty (Her Majesty the beauty Queen) welcomes you.

Lol Surprise Makeover Series Hairgoals Her Majesty

Her Majesty is a fancy doll and its surprise is that it changes color.

Lol her majesty change colour
Lol doll her majesty change colour

The doll has stitched black hair, braided in an elegant hairstyle. Makeup – golden shadows on the eyelids. An elegant fluffy dress with bows and ruffles suits her very well. And also an ornament in the form of a breast white ribbon with black specks. On the legs are high red boots, and a beautiful crown adorns the head.

Lol Her Majesty hairgoals doll

All is kingly.

Chill out Club

  • Snow Bunny
lol hairgoals snow buny

The representative of the Chill out Club is Snow Bunny. This is also a fancy doll. Her surprise – she changes color.

She has very very cute pink hair in a ponytail.

lol hairgoals snow buny foto

There are light freckles on the cheeks, pink lipstick on the lips, and a headband on the head.

lol snow banny

The dress is also soft pink, pink boots, and under them white tights in a pink dot. Needless to say that the bottle is also pink?:)

lol hairgoals snow buny doll

In general, it is a very cute doll, just a sight for sore eyes. In the photo you can see how it changes color in water.

You can watch our video: How to draw LOL Snow bunny

Storybook Club

  • Bhaddie
lol bhaddie hairgoals

The exact opposite of the snow bunny – Bhaddie from Storybook Club.

lol bhaddie hairgoals doll

This is the only ultra rare doll of this series. It also changes color.

Bhaddie is a punk rocker. Her hair is black with poisonous green strands, bangs twisted like punk. Green make-up, black lips. On the ears massive earrings-rings.

lol hairgoals bhaddie

Black T-shirt – BAD. Shorts with pockets and golden buttons, black-and-white striped tights and green shoes. A bottle in the same style as the pupa itself – look at the photo.

bhaddie lol

The last photo shows how Bhaddie changes color. Who is this doll like?

lol hairgoals bhaddie doll

It seems like this.

bhaddie lol

You can watch our video: Drawing and coloring Bhaddie.

And:  What if Bhaddie was a boy? LOL Surprise BOYS. Hairgoals

Athletic Club

lol sk8er grrrl hairgoals

SK8ER GRRRL from Athletic Club has a rather mysterious and unusual name … What does it mean, do you think?

This is a very sporty little doll and it changes color.

lol sk8er grrrl
Lol Surprise KATER GIRL Color changing
Lol Surprise SKATER GIRL Color changing Hairgoals

She is red-haired with two tails. She is wearing sports shorts and a top with a bow. Red bracelet adorns the handle. On the legs socks and sneakers in the box. And also, the adhesive plaster hides a wound. Indeed, in the sport especially often injured and damaged.

There is a cool cap on her head, and red freckles on her nose.

Retro Club

  • Miss Jive
miss jive hair goals

Miss Jive Club Retro Club is also a popular color-changing baby doll.

lol surprise miss jive changing colour
lol surprise miss jive change colour
miss jive hair goals

She has a retro blue suit (jacket, shirt with a bow tie and shorts), white boots knee-length. Blue shadows on the eyelids. A hairstyle – mega retro style. Lush curls, huge glasses-droplets – all this greatly complements the image.

Who are the stars Miss Jive like?

miss jive hair goals

Similar? This is a Prince!

miss jive hair goals
  • Daring Diva
daring diva hairgoals

Daring Diva from Pop Club – fancy doll with a surprise – color change.

daring diva hairgoals
Lol doll daring diva change colour
lol doll daring diva change colour 1

Hair dolls are collected in two buns, dismissing which, you can do any other hairstyle. The doll is really fashionable, bracelets on hands, a gold chain on a neck. Swimsuit with a muzzle of a cat. Pantyhose and pink shoes.

daring diva hairgoals

Who reminds you of Daring Diva?

daring diva lol hairgoals
daring diva hairgoals

You can watch our video: How to draw Hairgoals DARING DIVA LOL Doll

Pop Club

  • Oops Baby
oops baby hair goals

Here is Oops Baby from the Pop Club.

oops baby hair goals

This is a popular doll with a surprise color change.

Brown-eyed blonde with two tails and in school uniform well sooo reminds Pop star Britney Spears, right?:)

oops baby hair goals
oops baby hair goals

Here is Pop Club dolls together.

pop club hairgoals


  • Splatters
splatters lol hair goals

Art-Club presents – Splatters. This is a popular color changing doll.

Very bright pupa. Her dress, bow, shoes, bottle and hair are multi-colored. Her face also has specks of three colors around the eyes. It feels like she just finished painting and left her workshop.

lol splatters
Lol hairgoals splatters doll changing colour
Lol hairgoals splatters doll change colour

How to draw Splatters you can see on our video

Spooky Club

  • Witchay Babay
witchay babay hairgoals lol

Witchay Babay from Spooky Club is popular and also changes color. She has ashy, smooth and long hair. Black lipstick, black look and hat, boots and gloves are also black – all this creates an image of a witch.

LOL Surprise Hair Goals Witchay
Lol Surprise hairgoals Witchay babay Color changing Hairgoals
Lol Surprise Witchay babay Color changing Hairgoals

And who does she look like?

witchay babay hairgoals lol

We have listed all L.O.L. Surprise! #Hairgoals Makeover series.

Also you can see post about L.O.L Surprise Makeover series Fuzzy pets.

It is very interesting to collect them all together and play. Enjoy the games!

lol hair goals dolls

The second series of lol surprise Hairgoals is available for ordering. Click here to read about the new dolls.


Hi! I'm Lesia Ostrovskaya, the mother of two beautiful girls – Emilia (7 years old) and Dasha (5 years old). They are very fond of dolls and, in principle, all kinds of toys. At the moment, we have already bought more than 3000 toys for them and...believe us, we have something to tell you ;)

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    We love our Daring Diva but she didn’t come with a bottle, how do we get one?

    1. Lesia author

      yes, it happens, unfortunately

  4. Ozlem

    We bought our new lol doll with a great excitement, but when we opened it, we got disappointed. It was Glamour Queen. In Hair Goal series, there was a girl with no hair. My little girl cried all night. She said ‘it doesn’t even change its colour’ I couldn’t find any answer to make her feel happy.

    1. Lesia author

      Glamour Queen and Shimone Queen are ultra rare and most desirable glitteraty dolls of makeover series

  5. Lyla Evans

    I say don’t buy one. After months, I finally got one and was very dissapointed to get a ‘rare’ doll with no hair, the ‘rare’ dolls aren’t actually rare but they are very popular and the way I know this is because I have read a lot of comments saying they got a ‘rare’. It’s a waste of money!

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      many people dream of glittery dolls

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    How is Glamour Girl rare when we have 3 of them?! And why is it called Hairgoals when it just has hard hair like regular LOL???

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      You are really lucky! You can sell or exchange them for other dolls. Many dream of Glamour Queen❤

  7. Ellie

    The container is shaped like a can of hair spray, to reinforce the point that the dolls have rooted hair.

  8. Kim

    My daughter received the Glam Cutie from the Hair Goals series, I supervised the unwrapping and we have just one shoe. Her name is Yang Cutie and we received just one shoe. How can we get her second shoe? Thank you

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      unfortunately this happens. did not complete – the doll came to you. the company – the manufacturer does not give you back the second shoe, unfortunately

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    I dont know what a piece is for and what it does! It looks like a hair Brett with chains on the side. Can someone tell me what it is?!? I must know now!

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    I’ve found Yang Q.T. in the street and she was very dirty and ugly, i take her to my home and now she looks better than ever! 😀

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    I thought Bhaddie was supposed to be the Wicked Witch of the West. Her pet is a flying monkey after all, and she’s from the Storybook Club.

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    Question… Why nothing happened when my daughter dipped her doll in water pls? It is the lil skbrd grrrl doll of the makeover series… Completely disappointed… 🙁

  13. Lynne

    Hi, to help with the colour change dolls dip them in cold water with a few ice cubes in or use the ice cube over the body. Then have quite a warm bowl out too. Works for my LO’s, good luck.

  14. Modi

    How spooky club changes color?

    1. Lesia author

      Hi! spooky club it’s a Witchay Babay. her swimsuit changes color – stars and the moon appear. and a mole appears on the forehead.

  15. Yaneli

    I don’t like that sometimes items are missing in them! Once the bottoms of a doll was missing. I though maybe I missed it. I went through the baggies again & nothing. Today my daughter received one & it’s missing a bracelet. She has opened others alone & now has me thinking if they’re missing items too.

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      par l’autocollant, vous ne devinerez pas ce qu’il y a à l’intérieur

  17. Mimi Mills

    My granddaughter was very disappointed that she received duplicate dolls. There should be a way for the adults who are buying these dolls to be able to tell which doll they are buying. Its a stupid concept that you just get whichever one you happen to get…roll of the dice…a crap shoot! If they were reasonably priced, I could see that but when you spend $15-20 on one and they are the same one she already has, it’s a waste and then you have an unhappy child. I for one will be glad to see this fad go out of style. Yes, she can trade it with someone else but who wants to do that? I will never buy her one of these again.

    1. Lesia author

      Hello! There are sites and stores that change doll repetitions. You can also exchange among friends.

  18. Kelly

    My 6 year old daughter worked very hard to earn some special money that she was allowed to spend on an item of her choice. She choose the LOL #HAIRGOALS. On the package it says it many items in the container. She was missing 4 items. 1. The hairbrush/comb – kind of an important item for a hair toy. 2. The barrette – again not for for a hair toy with out the hair accessory. 3. Sunglasses. 4. Mini Poster. These weren’t even substituted for other items. The container did have the rest of the items listed on the outside of the package. Very disappointing. In Canada, these are not cheep toys to buys, this is very discouraging to ever buy more LOL products. There is no customer service support to deal with this issue?

    1. Lesia author

      That’s too bad. You can contact the store with a claim.