LOL Surprise #Hairgoals Makeover series 1 Wave 2

lol hairgoals 2 wave 1 L.O.L Surprise! series 5

Meet the new dolls LOL SURPRISE #Hairgoals Makeover Series 1 wave 2 with real hair!

Already the second series of lol surprise Hairgoals is available for order. Click here to read about the new dolls.

lol surprise hairgoals
LOL Surprise #Hairgoals Makeover series 1 Wave 2

LOL Surprise #Hairgoals Wave 2 Package

New dolls come in hairspray capsule. Package transforms into a salon chair, doll stand, purse or display case.

lol hairgoals 2 wave
lol-surprise hairgoals packag hairspray wave 2
lol surprise hairgoals package hairspray
lol hairgoals 2 wave 4

New ways to unbox LOL Surprise #Hairgoals

Check out the unique experience of unpacking a doll and accessories.

Unbox 15 surprises Lol surprise #Hairgoals series 1 wave 2

lol surprise hairgoals 15 surprises
  • magic mirror;
  • sticker tip;
  • hair barrette stickers;
  • hair curlers for your baby;
  • hairbrush;
  • salon chair;
  • bottle;
  • fashion accessory;
  • mystery Disguise (these are 4 surprises);
  • outfit;
  • shoes;
  • LOL Surprise #hairgoals doll.
    Also, each doll has a collector’s sheet with a description of the dolls.LOL Surprise #Hairgoals Makeover series 1 Wave 2

12 new LOL Surprise hairgoals dolls with real hair!

LOL Surprise Hairgoals Makeover dolls

They are so adorable doll!

poster hairgoals 2

Well, noticed a boy with hair? Yes, yes. Touch Guy – will fill up the collection of all the boys.

All dolls of the second wave Hairgoals change color In cold water!

Hairgoals doll E.D.M.B.B. from ELECTRO CLUB.

E.D.M.B.B. lol surprise doll
Lol Surprise EDMBB Hairgoals 2
Lol Surprise EDMBB Hairgoals

This is an ultra-rare doll LOL Makeover series! She has a very trendy outfit, a choker and a stylish hairstyle and makeup.

From Electro Club is also a rare doll – a black Rainbow Raver.

The hairstyle is very bright – iridescent pigtails, wings on the back, a fine purse.

LOL Surprise Rainbow Raver
rainbow raver hairgoals
rainbow raver hairgoals 2

From jewelry she has a gold bracelet and rose-colored glasses.

twang hairgoals 1
twang hairgoals
LOL Surprise Hairgoals Wave 2 Twang

Metal Babe from the same club is a very cool girl.

Black lips and pink-black outfit and hairstyle make her unusual and cool.

metal babe doll hairgoals
metal babe doll hairgoals 1
LOL Surprise Metal Babe HairGoals

Prom Princess from Glam Club is a real beauty queen.

Fashionable doll. The silver crown and the chest ribbon indicate that she is a princess of beauty. Very cute doll.

prom princess lol surprise
prom princess lol hairgoals


Glam Club presents boys with real hair !! Touch Guy.

This is a popular doll. The boy loves his mom, he even got a tattoo.

LOL Surprise boy with a cool punk hairstyle and black glasses.

touch guy boy hairgoals
touch guy boy hairgoals 2
LOL Surprise TOUGH GUY Boy

M.C. N.Y.C. – retro diva from retro club.

This is a popular doll.


Curly-cutie. She has a sun shade, a gold chain and stylish glasses.

Valley B.B. from Retro Club.

Fashionable doll.

Very bright outfit and hairstyle.

Belt with a bow, bracelets, glasses make her look stylish and bright.

LOL Surprise Doll VALLEY BB
valley b b hairgoals
valley b b hairgoals 2

Splits from the Athletic Club.

This is a rare doll and lush hair. She is fond of, apparently, athletics.

LOL Surprise Splits Gymnast HairGoals
splits doll hairgoals
lol surprise hairgoals doll

Her image is very romantic. the hair is decorated with a blue bezel and glasses with blue frames.

pins lol hairgoals
pins hairgoals
LOL Surprise #Hairgoals Makeover series 1 Wave 2

Doll selection is random and are in blind packaging and you may get duplicates!

The second series of lol surprise Hairgoals is available for ordering. Click here to read about the new dolls.


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    How can I buy lols straight from the maker?

    1. Lesia author

      Thank you for your interest in our products. For information regarding wholesale opportunities please contact for assistance.

      1. Glenda Stoll

        Hi, My granddaughter loves these dolls, however I have been very disappointed as we have bought several repeats. 4 Prom Princess’s and 3 Pins dolls. A little disheartening for her.🤔
        Glenda Stoll

  2. Elanza Nel Riekert

    When bought a lol hairspay for my daughter birthday which is today, she was very disappointed with it being a boy. On a previous time she bought a lol with her holiday money and it was also a boy. She just wanted a girl. And his glasses wasn’t included . So dissatisfied by disappointing our daughter.