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L.O.L Surprise! Lights Glitter – New dolls

lol surprise lights glitter 2

Already in the spring of 2020, the pursuit of new LOL Surprise dolls that glow in the dark – LOL Surprise Lights Glitter will begin.

LOL dolls are collectible surprise dolls. But this time, MGA Entertainment came up with how to surprise fans of LOL dolls. And now not only a water surprise will wait for you, as before (dolls could cry, spit, spell or change color), and now their surprise or feature also appears in the dark when the ultraviolet glow. A flashlight with the right light is sold with the LOL Lights Glitter doll.

lol surprise lights glitter
look how beautiful they are!

Of course, in the LOL Surprise Lights Glitter ball, 8 surprises in the ball will also be waiting for you :

  • secret message
  • bottle
  • black Light
  • outfit
  • shoes
  • accessories,
  • Lol Surprise lights glitter doll.

But the main surprise of LOL you will see in the dark.

lol surprise lights glitter 1

This is what the LOL Surprise Lights Glitter balls will look like.

The packaging will feature a bright LOL Optical doll with pink spiral-shaped glasses. Balls LOL Surprise pink with white lines.

lol surprise lights glitter
lol surprise lights glitter 1

In the same series there will be LOL OMG Ligts dolls, there are four of them in the collection.
And in the LOL Surprise Lights Glitter series 12 dolls.

lol surprise lights glitter doll 3
lol surprise lights glitter 3

There are 5 clubs in the LOL Surprise lights Glitter series:

lol surprise lights glitter collector

Glam Club – dolls Cadet , Harlequin Girl , Gala Q.T.

Cadet – fabulous LOL Lights Glitter doll – in an army uniform of green and red colors. In the of ultraviolet light stars appear on the cap, sleeves and cheeks. Striped pantyhose shine on the legs of the LOL doll. And lipstick and outfit glow with a neon color. This is a very stylish LOL Surprise Lights Glitter doll with two ponytails, shiny hair and different earrings. Her water surprise is crying.

Harlequin Girl – fabulous LOL LIghts Glitter doll. The outfit of the LOL doll matches the image of Arlekino – black and white rhombuses. This Lol doll changes color under ultraviolet light – half of her bow, leotard, and one boot turn pink, her face turns purple, and a pattern appears on her bang.

Gala Q.T. – rare doll from the Glam club. A beauty with golden hair and an outfit half dress, half tailcoat, and the bracelet looks more like a men’s watch. Her water surprise is being written. In the ultraviolet, lace appears on the dress, the shoes become neon pink and the pink parts of the tailcoat become bright.

Opposites Club – dolls Fyre and Ice.

Fyre – fabulous girl in the style of fire. Her water surprise – spits. Under ultraviolet light, her skin turns purple, and the fiery colors on her clothes and head become brighter neon.

Ice lol surprise Lights glitter doll – doll is the opposite of fiery. Superb doll LOL Surprise with shiny blue hair, a silver outfit and accessories. Her water surprise is her writing, and in the light of ultraviolet light the skin turns purple, the gray outfit, the bottle and shoes are also purple.

Art Club – dolls Drip Drop , Optical and  Surreal Bebe .

Drip Drop – ultra rare doll – artist. Her outfit, hair and biret in multicolored drops of gouache. Her water surprise – she spits. With ultraviolet, the elements of her outfit become very bright.

Optical – fabulous girl. Incredible doll that changes color. She has pink shiny hair with black locks. Glasses, attire and boots in patterns with an optical effect. When it changes color, patterns with an optical effect also appear on the sleeves, swimsuit and tights.

lol surprise lights glitter optical 1

Surreal Bebe – fabulous girl who changes color in the water

Dance Club – dolls Jammin’ , Dancebot

lol surprise lights doll

Jammin’ – fabulous doll from the dancing club. In a very bright fashionable outfit, she is ready to conquer discos. Her water surprise – she is crying. In the ultraviolet, her outfit, hair and makeup become neon.

lol surprise lights glitter jammin

Dancebot fabulous LOL doll lights series. Water surprise – it’s wet pants. In the light of ultraviolet light, her outfit changes color, and Dance appears on the glasses.

Swim Club – lol dolls Yacht B.B. and In Sync

Yacht B.B. – fabulous lol surprise doll in a leopard print swimsuit and sunglasses. With ultraviolet light, the swimsuit and glasses become neon.

lol surprise lights  glitter yacht bb 1

In Sync – an fabulous floating swimmer doll in a floral swimsuit and a swimming hat with daisies. Yeah water surprise – cry. This LOL Surprise Lights Glitter doll becomes very bright in the light of ultraviolet light.

lol surprise lights glitter in sync 1
lol surprise lights glitter dolls 1
Photo instagram lol_super_surprise
lol surprise lights glitter dolls
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lol surprise lights glitter doll

LOL Surprise Lights Glitter dolls are very cool! Write which one you liked the most!

lol surprise lights glitter
lol surprise lights glitter ball
lol surprise lights 1
photo instagram lol_omg_surprise

  1. Martina Müller says:

    Hallo wir haben gestern ein LOL Surprise Light Glitter gekauft. Es fehlen leider die Schuhe. Ich habe den Kassenzettel leider nicht behalten. Kann man die Schuhe Bestellen? Wir haben die silberne Pupe mit der Disco Brille


    Martina Müller
    Waldstraße 52D
    90763 Fürth
    Bayern Germany

    1. Administrator says:

      Hallo. Schuhe für LOL-Puppen werden nicht separat verkauft. Wenn Sie der Meinung sind, dass der Kauf nicht von hoher Qualität ist, wenden Sie sich an das Geschäft.

  2. Norys Loreto says:

    I Just bought L-010 and the suit is too small!! Her behind is showing because it doesn’t close completely.
    Very cute but disappointing clothes.

    1. Administrator says:

      Hi! here is the information from the manufacturer’s website:
      We warrant to the original purchaser that this product is free of manufacturing defects (materials and/or workmanship) for thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. All claims must be made within the 30 days of purchase. A dated sales or gift receipt is required as proof of purchase, and no exceptions will be made. Defects in material or workmanship will be determined at the sole discretion of MGA Entertainment.

      During this warranty period, consumers may return the product to the retailer, or contact MGA directly. At the sole election of MGA, the only remedies available under this warranty will be either replacement of the defective part, or product replacement of the same or comparable value.

      The warranty is invalid if the product has been misused, abused, damaged by battery leakage or from causes not arising out of defects in material or workmanship. MGA cannot be held responsible for any subsequent damages that may arise from the use of this unit.

      This is a limited warranty and gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

      This warranty is valid in the US and Canada only.
      For which doll did you have a small suit? We also noticed such a problem, but so far only in the belt.

  3. We have Surreal Bebe and I’d like someone to explain what happens when she is dipped in ice water

  4. ariel scofield says:

    I just got fire and her entire body lights up bright red under the blacklight fixture I have installed in my room !!! I hadn’t seen anyone else note this but Its really extreme and makes you want to sing ” this girl is on fire!”

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