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LOL Surprise! Lights Pets – New

lol surprise lights pets with real hair

We continue to tell you about the new LOL Surprise! toys.

On our website we already wrote about the new lights dolls LOL OMG and L.O.L Surprise Lights Glitter

This post is about new LOL Surprise pets – LOL Surprise Lights Pets.
A feature of this entire LOL Surprise Lights series is the presence of a flashlight complete with a toy. Since only in the light of ultraviolet does a surprise of each pet appear LOL Surprise.
And the main surprise for LOL pets will be the presence of real hair, like LOL dolls in the #Hairgoals series.

Yes, many #Hairgoals dolls will get a pet.

lol surprise lights pets 2

LOL Surprise Lights Pets will be 12 new LOL pets. Eight of these pets will definitely fit the LOL Surprise dolls from the fifth series. Do you understand whose other four pets?

lol surprise lights pets
lol surprise lights pets black light surprise
new pets lol surprise

Pets LOL Surprise will come in balls. And inside each ball, 9 surprises will be waiting for you:

lol surprise lights pets real hair
  • secret message sticker
  • two hair pins
  • flashlight
  • bottle
  • scoop
  • pet accessory LOL Surprise
  • footwear
  • wool to be removed from the pet
  • pet LOL Surprise Lights Surprise.
lol surprise lights pets

The cost of LOL Surprise Lights Surprise you can chek on Amazon.

LOL Surprise Lights Pet covered with fur. Remove a layer of fur to see which pet you came across. You can create different styles using fur parts repeatedly.

lol surprise pets with real hair
lol surprise lights pets

Check out the special surprise LOL Surprise Lights pet by illuminating in the dark with a special flashlight.

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