L.O.L. Surprise!

LOL Surprise minis – Tiny fuzzy animals. Review

LOL Surprise! Fuzzy Tiny Animals

Now your LOL Surprise will have fluffy toys in the form of animals!

Meet LOL Surprise Minis!

Unpack the LOL Surprise Minis ball

The pink and blue ball at unpacking can be used as a game set or a toy stand.

LOL Surprise Fuzzy Animals ball

5 surprises inside LOL Surprise Minis Fuzzy Tiny Animals

In addition to a tiny fluffy toy for your LOL Surprise, you will get 4 more surprises:

  1. House Building Accessory
  2. Surprise tiny mini house
  3. decorative insert in the ball LOL Surprise Minis
  4. room decoration sticker
LOL Surprise Fuzzy Tiny Animals surprises

Collect LOL Surprise Minis collection

LOL Surprise Fuzzy Animals

You can collect all 18 LOL Surprise Minis and build a mini home for tiny animals toys.

LOL Surprise Fuzzy Tiny Animals mini house

Growth tiny LOL Surprise Minis 1.1 inch.

LOL Surprise Fuzzy Tiny Animals tall

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