L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. dolls

omg lol surprise L.O.L. Surprise!

New fashion dolls LOL Surprise! OMG revolutionised dolls world in summer 2019. These awesome dolls by MGA Entertainment became the most desirable dolls.

What is LOL OMG dolls?

Abreviation OMG mean for Outrageous Millennial Girls.

LOL Surprise OMG dolls is not moms, but the big sisters of regular LOL Surprise dolls.

Height of LOL Surprise OMG dolls – 9 inch. They’re lower than Barbie dolls, which are 11.4 inch tall.

LOL OMG dolls also differ from Barbie dolls in shape, with wider hips and a contrasting narrow waist. Big head, eyes and chubby lips. LOL OMG dolls have more extravagant and fashionable hairstyles, outfits and many accessories. And most importantly, these are surprise dolls.

Although, already at the end of 2019 the company Mattel also released new surprise dolls Barbie Color Reveal. You can read about them and compare which dolls you like best.

But personally, I like OMG LOL dolls better. They are more appealing with details of execution, fashionable images, interesting unpacking, fun game and a lot of accessories, you can also assemble whole families.

LOL Surprise OMG dolls have manicure – nails are painted, fingers are as detailed as real ones.

LOL Surprise OMG Package

Check price LOL Surprise OMG on Amazon.

LOL OMG dolls do not come in balls and capsules, as usual LOL Surprise, but in large boxes of turquoise color.

The dolls’ name, number of surprises and series number are written on the package. And also on the package there is a photo of LOL OMG doll, which is inside. That is, you know exactly which doll you will get.

lol surprise omg swag 1

On the back of the box you will see all dolls of LOL OMG series 1.

The LOL Surprise OMG box is reusable. You can play with it like with a wardrobe or just keep your LOL OMG doll.

Unpacking LOL Surprise OMG

Unpacking LOL OMG dolls is a very fun activity.

In order to get the doll, make sure that there is no scotch on the box. Then slide the side wall aside and you will immediately see a dressing room with boxes, hanger and LOL OMG doll. Take out the doll, the packs and the boxes and enjoy unpacking.

Then dress up your doll and be sure to take the film off the mirror in your OMG LOL Surprise dressing room. It will become real!

Be careful with earrings and doll brushes, they can break if you press hard.

LOL OMG dolls’ brushes are detachable for comfortable dressing.

LOL OMG’s hands are movable, you can give different poses for your doll’s pictures. And your legs bend a little when you double-press.

Place the doll’s stand so it doesn’t fall down.

LOL OMG dolls are not yet available, but some Barbie or Bratz outfits may fit. The only thing that fits with regular LOL dolls are handbags.

Have fun with your games!

20 surprises LOL OMG dolls

The box of LOL OMG dolls says that we will open 20 surprises inside. So what’s waiting for us?

horoscope magazine
Skirt or pants
Glasses or headphones or a hat
neck decoration
round accessory box
square shoe box
Two hangers
Two paper wraps for clothes
Doll booth
Swimsuit, on the doll.
Packaging paper for shoes and accessories.
LOL OMG dolls are really fashionable! Bright makeup, cute face, different trendy bright hairstyles with chic hair. Stylish and fashionable clothes, shoes. Decorate dolls LOL OMG fashion accessories – trendy glasses, jewelry around the neck, earrings, hats and handbags! A lot of shine and amazing manicure for every LOL Surprise OMG doll!

lol surprise omg dolls

Believe me, all girls want to play with these dolls and be like LOL Surprise OMG dolls. They’re so interesting to collect. Every LOL OMG doll is the older sister of the earlier LOL Surprise dolls. 

Checklist LOL Surprise OMG dolls

There are 4 must have dolls in Series 1 of LOL Surprise! OMG: Neonlicious, Lady Diva, Swag and Royal Bee.

Together with the first series of LOL Surprise OMG, LOL Surprise playing sets were released  – LOL OMG doll younger sister with furniture and accessories (LOL Surprise Furniture).

The motto of the dolls is LOL OMG: “we are here to surprise, we create our own rules and stand out from the crowd.”

Lifehack: For the convenience of dressing dolls, you can detach the hand and then insert it back.

omg lol surprise
L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. dolls

At the end of the article, you will find links to all the series of LOL Surprise OMG dolls.

Royal Bee is a big sister of Queen Bee LOL doll.

This stunning LOL Surprise OMG doll loves  gold, even her curls and glasses are golden. She has a fashionable outfit with a beautiful swimsuit underneath.

This is the most glamorous LOL OMG doll.

You will unbox 20 surprises with this L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G., including LOL Surprise OMG doll, paper bags with hangers with gorgeous outfits, beautiful shiny boxes with accessories and shoes.

The box is decorated like a dressing room with a real mirror inside.

Purchase LOL Surprise OMG Royal Bee and you will not only have a lot of fun, but also it will be a valuable addition to your collection of Lol Surprise dolls with Queen Bee!

Also buy LOL Surprise Furniture Set with Queen Bee Closet.

lol surprise omg royal bee
lol surprise omg royal bee bio
omg lol surprise royal bee
omg lol surprise royal bee doll

The Queen Bee is an ultra-rare doll.

omg- ol surprise royal bee 1
omg lol surprise royal bee 2
lol surprise omg royal bee 2


lol surprise omg neonlicious
lol surprise omg neonlicious bio
lol surprise omg neonlicious

It is definitely the brightest doll from LOL Surprise OMG series, right? I admire design of LOL Surprise OMG doll outfit. It is gorgeous – I would love to buy such an outfit for myself.

You can also purchase a separate L.O.L Surprise! Bedroom set that includes her little sister Neon Q.T. With this set the play will be even more fun!

lol surprise omg neonlicious 2
lol surprise omg neonlicious 1
lol surprise omg neonlicious doll
lol surprise omg neonlicious 2

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. dolls

Lady Diva

lol surprise omg lady diva
lol surprise omg lady diva bio
omg lol surprise lady diva

Lady Diva is the older sister of Diva doll from the first series of LOL Surprise

If you haven’t purchased LOL Surprise Diva doll from the first series yet, you can buy LOL Surprise Furniture Set (Beauty Salon) with an exclusive LOL Diva together with Lady Diva LOL Surprise OMG doll.

This girl looks like a real pop star with a fashionable outfit and accessories.

omg lol surprise lady diva 1
omg lol surprise lady diva doll
omg lol surprise lady diva doll 1
lol surprise omg lady diva 2
L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. dolls


Swag is a big sister of MC Swag

This doll is the most popular, because of her fabulous hairstyle – just look at these afro braids!

Awesome fashionista! She looks stunning with her long braids, fashion glasses, gold jewellery, a top and fancy pants with slits.

lol surprise omg swag
lol surprise omg swag bio
lol surprise omg swag

Here is our beauty Swag OMG.

Be careful with accessories, one of the earrings broke immediately when we were trying to put it on, accessories are a bit fragile. You will also need to remove the protective film from the mirror for it to become real!

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. dolls
lol surprise omg swag
lol omh swag
lol omg swag doll
lol surprise omg swag 1
lol surprise omg swag 2
lol surprise omg swag
lol surprise omg swag 2

Watch our LOL Surprise OMG Swag unboxing video.

That is what LOL Surprise Furniture Set with MC Swag looks like.

lol surprise furniture cozy coupe swag

If you want to continue exploring the LOL Surprise OMG, read about the  LOL OMG series 2 here.

Read about the LOL OMG Winter Disco series here.

New LOL OMG dolls 2020 – Lights OMG dolls. 

Collect the whole collection of LOL OMG dolls for more fun!

These LOL Surprise OMG big sisters were released in July 2019. Since then 16 more LOL Surprise OMG dolls have been released in different series and game sets.

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. dolls
How tall are the LOL OMG dolls?

LOL Surprise OMG doll’s tall is 9.4 inch.

Why are LOL Surprise OMG attractive?

First of all, the number of surprises in the box is amazing. And also chic fashion dolls with which it is a pleasure to play.

What does OMG stand for?

LOL OMG dolls mean “Outrageous Millennial Girls”

How many OMG dolls are there?

There are currently 20 LOL OMG dolls on sale.

What are the new LOL dolls called?

New LOL OMG Lights Dolls called Dazzle, Angles, Groovy Babe and Speedster

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  1. Serena Rodriguez

    When will you guys make the second series because I want to know the doll that is a libra like me and has a birthday in September or near September 28 :D. Im so excited! Please, respond.

  2. Tish

    What does lol and omg stand for?

    1. Lesya O. author

      OMG is a new series from Lol Surprise. Tall dolls

  3. Renee Rye

    I know Swag is a Leo…what are the others? We lost out magazines.

  4. areej abdulshaheed

    Why lolo surprise fashion doll out of stock?
    When it will come back?

  5. Jammie

    We just bought our daughter and OMG doll yesterday and the hand already broke. doesn’t seem to be very well-made. Very disappointed. She has been begging for one of these for a long time and have it break the first day she has it, we won’t be buying any more that’s for sure.

  6. QB

    I am beyond upset with the design of this doll and would love to see you change the design. There is absolutely no reason for children’s dolls to have nipples!! I am disgusted by all of this and will not be purchasing another one ever again.

    1. Lesya O. author

      we are not toy manufacturers

  7. Chloe

    omg lol dolls are asom
    and fun to play with

  8. Eugenia

    How can I get more clothes for my LOL OMG BB Busy doll?

  9. crystal smiley

    My daughter needs a omg lights doll hand replacement, how can I option one to buy.

  10. Jason Norsic

    My girls love the dolls.
    We were wondering if you can put OMG dolls in water with their hair being all fancy?
    One daughter wants to play with her candylicious in the water and the other daughter is terrified that it will ruin the hair.

    Thank you

    1. Lesya O. author

      Hello, the LOL OMG dolls can be bathed and washed. Hair will not go bad.

  11. Kandy

    Can I buy one earring for omg busy b b ball. Lost one

    1. Lesya O. author

      You cannot officially buy accessories separately. Try websites like ebay.

  12. stella

    I really want one of your OMG ‘s they look so cute the one that i really want is chillax if you can can i get the first chillax for FREEE!!!!!!!

  13. stella

    or at low price.

  14. Andrea Richard

    Is there a way to get replacement hands for a Queen Bee OMG LOL doll?

    1. Lesya O. author

      Unfortunately there is no such possibility.

  15. Bernice

    Why make these dolls with so much sex appeal if they’re made for little girls? My daughter is 8 and she is innocent but she loves these dolls, who is responsible for making these dolls?

    1. Lesya O. author

      MGA Entertainment