L.O.L. Surprise!, L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. dolls

L.O.L Surprise! OMG Lights – New LOL Dolls

lol surprise omg lights glow in dark
lol omg lights
LOL OMG Lights are simply amazing!

LOL OMG Lights luminous dolls are definitely the LOL Surprise dolls everybody was waiting for in 2020.

What are the LOL OMG Lights dolls?

MGA Entertainment company keeps surprising LOL Surprise dolls fans. Every time it releases new dolls that cause WOW effect.

The feature of LOL Surprise OMG Lights dolls is that they glow in the dark. To see the glow you need to turn on your flashlight and point it at the doll. The UV flashlight comes with a doll.

Check List LOL Surprise OMG Lights

There will be 4 new stylish LOL OMG dolls in LOL Surprise Lights series:

  • Groovy Babe
  • Speedster
  • Dazzle
  • Angles

LOL OMG dolls are the elder sisters of LOL dolls from previous collections: LOL Surprise Confetti Pop, LOL Underwraps, Car-pool Coupe, and lol surprise series 1.

lol surprise omg lights

Each LOL OMG Lights has a surprise, which can only be seen under the UV light.

LOL Surprise OMG Lights dolls are sold not in a swimsuit, but in a stylish outfit and shoes.

LOL Surprise OMG Lights packaging

Like all LOL OMG dolls, LOL OMG Lights dolls come in a box. Not in balls or capsules.

Packaging has a beautiful colourful geometric pattern.

lol surprise omg lights 21

The box has the image of the doll that you will find inside, as well as the photo of her little sister from the previous collection of LOL Surprise.

lol surprise omg lights 25

The box also features an easy carry handle on the top.

lol surprise omg lights 22

One awesome feature of the LOL Surprise OMG Lights packaging is that the black-and-white image of the doll becomes colourful if you pull the image to the right. Your little one will absolutely love this magic trick!

lol surprise omg lights 26
lol surprise omg lights 27

On the back of the packaging you will find the full list of the LOL OMG dolls from the luminous series.

There is also LOL OMG Lights dolls’ moto written on the box: “We sisters invite all our fabulous B.B.s to the event of the season. It’s lights, camera, fashion as we hit the neon carpet in our boldest & brightest looks. Get ready to glow cuz when the black lights hit, we’ll reveal outrageous, glowing surprises.

lol surprise omg lights 24
lol surprise omg lights 33

15 surprises of LOL OMG Lights dolls

You will find 15 surprises inside the box. And the box itself is a reusable play space too.

Unlike the previous series of LOL OMG dolls, if you move the doll image on the LOL OMG Lights box, picture turns from black and white to color.

lol surprise omg lights 2

Inside the LOL OMG Lights box you will find:

  • LOL OMG doll in stylish outfit and shoes
  • collectible sticker with doll’s photo
  • instructions
  • details for the doll stand
  • clothes hanger
  • round box with accessories
  • flashlight
  • hair brush
  • Groovy also has a magazine with her poem
  • color change surprise

Unpacking LOL OMG Lights dolls

To unbox LOL OMG doll, first you need to remove the tape (if any) from the box and pull the box wall to the left. You will immediately see the LOL OMG Lights doll already in her awesome outfit and shoes, not in a swimsuit, like the dolls in the previous LOL OMG Surprise series.

When you take out the doll from the box, you  see the back wall with a graphic pattern that creates the illusion of depth. Do not throw away the package, it is perfect for storing doll and accessories. It also becomes a reusable selfie station for your gorgeous photos.

lol omg lights 12

Unpack the clothing, accessories and dress up your LOL OMG Lights doll.

Keep all boxes and paper because they are reusable. LOL OMG Lights doll’s hair is gel-glued so that the hairstyle keeps its shape. Wash her hair and comb for perfect and silky hair beauty.

LOL Surprise OMG Lights Groovy Babe doll

lol omg lights 10

She is a big sister of Beatnik Babe  doll from LOL Surprise Confetti POP.

Move the packaging to the right and color the black and white image.

lol surprise omg lights 34
lol surprise omg lights 30
lol surprise omg lights 31

When you take out the LOL OMG doll from the box,  on the background of the box you will see black and white patterns – waves that seem to hypnotize. It is a gorgeous background for your doll’s photos.

LOL OMG Lights Groovy is super stylish. Her long white hair with black strands is incredibly soft, you just need to wash off the gel that was keeping the hair fixed. The doll has awesome round spiral earrings, leggings with polka dot pattern and a zebra dress. She has white striped boots with high heels. In a paper bag you will also find stylish black and white coat with white pearl buttons.

She has white striped boots with high heels. In a paper bag you will also find stylish black and white coat with white pearl buttons.

lol surprise omg lights 43

Groovy Babe’s eyes are purple with spirals, as if she wants to hypnotise everyone around her.

Together with the LOL OMG Groovy doll in awesome outfit you get the stylish accessories: glasses and earrings, a magazine with poems, a unique sticker, hair brush and a flashlight.

lol surprise omg lights 59

Try using flashlight in the dark. Just point it at the LOL OMG Lights doll and reveal its surprise – the outfit and hair will glow with a bright neon color in UV light. Even her eye makeup becomes brighter and the lips turn bright pink color.

lol omg lights groovy babe
lol surprise omg lights groovy doll
lol surprise omg lights groovy babe
lol omg lights speedster

LOL OMG Lights Speedster

She is a racer doll. The first car for LOL Surprise dolls with an exclusive doll called Drag Racer has been already released and is available to purchase.

LOL OMG Speedster doll is Drag Racer LOL Surprise Underwraps doll’s elder sister with car-pool coupe.

lol surprise omg speedster

She has a bright neon outfit: jumpsuit with a belt, tights and white boots, complemented by neon earrings and awesome gloves. She also has a stunning curly hairstyle.

Under the UV light her outfit becomes bright neon, and her lips become two-coloured, you can also see interesting flame eye-shadows.

LOL Surprise Car Pool Coupe 4

lol surprise omg lights speedster
lol surprise omg lights speedster doll 1
lol surprise omg lights speedster fashion doll
lol surprise omg lights speedster doll

LOL Surprise OMG Lights Dazzle doll

She is the elder sister of Glitter Queen from the first LOL Surprise series. She has beautiful pink hair braided in two braids.

LOL OMG Lights dazzle
lol omg lights dazzle

LOL OMG Lights Dazzle doll has a gorgeous outfit: a long skirt with a top, and transparent pink and yellow bolero.

Her entire outfit is in yellow, orange and pink, including her orange and yellow shoes.

lol omg dazzle

Her stylish accessories are glasses and a bracelet. Together with LOL Dazzle in her outfit and shoes, comes a unique sticker, stand, accessories, flashlight and hair brush.

In the UV light, the outfit becomes very bright and beautiful, and freckles appear on the face and the sign “neon” appears on the eyebrows.

Glitter Queen from the first LOL Surprise series is her little sister.

lol omg dazzle sis
lol surprise omg lights dazzle doll 3
lol surprise omg lights dazzle doll 2
lol surprise omg lights dazzle doll

LOL OMG Lights Angles

She is the elder sister of the LOL Surprise Shapes doll from LOL Surprise Underwraps.

This is the brightest and the most favourite LOL OMG Lights doll. Look at the photo of this extravagant  doll and you will understand how radically different she is from all the other LOL OMG Surprise.

Inside the LOL Surprise OMG Lights box you will find a bright doll with an asymmetric hairstyle and bright patterned clothes. Her transparent jacket and high-heeled shoes are of the same color scheme with different geometric shapes.

Her accessories are bracelets and earrings. The doll also comes with a flashlight, hair brush and a sticker.

The most fabulous surprise is how she changes colors in UV light.

LOL Surprise OMG Angles is the elder sister of the LOL Shapes dolls from the 4-1 LOL Surprise Underwraps Series.

lol omg angles doll
lol omg lights angles
lol surprise omg lights angles doll
lol surprise omg lights angles doll 2
lol surprise omg lights angles doll 1
lol surprise omg lights angles

The LOL Surprise OMG Lights were released and became available to purchase in spring of 2020. Their price is the same as the one of the previous LOL Surprise OMG dolls.

lol surprise omg lights dolls

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