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The height of LOL Surprise OMG dolls is 9 inch. This means that not all the houses fit these dolls.

But we’ve come across the fact that there’s nowhere for LOL OMG dolls to live. The only thing that suited them was a house for Barbie dolls.

The first house for dolls LOL Surprise came on sale in 2018, but the furniture in the house is too small for older sisters of dolls LOL.

But MGAE company solved this problem, a new house LOL Surprise for OMG LOL dolls appeared on sale.

What is the LOL Surprise OMG House?

New house LOL Surprise OMG is created for dolls LOL Surprise high growth. Now these dolls have a place to live.

lol surprise omg house 85 surprises

Options for LOL Surprise OMG House

House for dolls LOL Surprise OMG is a huge wooden three-storey house 91 cm high and wide. The house has 6 rooms including a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, patio and dressing room.

You will definitely need help getting it out of the store, because it weighs 4 kg and the size of the box is one meter per meter.

lol surprise new house 85 surprises

The back of the house for LOL OMG is a shopping mall (a sticker with an image). To develop your imagination and even more fun game, you can turn the house 360 degrees and imagine that the dolls go shopping.

The first house for dolls LOL Surprise has the same size and height in it are placed dolls LOL OMG, but the furniture is not suitable in size.

The difference of the new house LOL Surprise OMG – the availability of furniture (sofa, bed, deck chairs, wardrobe), which fit the size of dolls LOL Surprise OMG, as well as in the new house of a different location rooms.

lol omg house

However, LOL OMG dolls will not fit in the kitchen chairs, they are suitable only for younger sisters.

Also, a piano turns into a bed, but only for LOL Surprise tots.

There’s a single bed in the house for a LOL OMG doll, too.

Tips for assembling LOL Surprise OMG House

LOL Surprise OMG house is made of natural wood (so it is heavy).

If you use the LOL OMG house correctly, it will serve you for many years. It’s very difficult to spoil or break. It is important to follow the house care rules for LOL OMG dolls.

Unboxing LOL OMG House

After you unpack the LOL Surprise OMG House, you will see a lot of assembly parts, screws, tools, truck and house instructions. We also recommend that you bring a Phillips screwdriver with you.

A few words about the van: it delivers all the furniture and accessories of LOL OMG House. Furniture and accessories are in pink boxes inside the van.

The truck is just cardboard, no real wheels.

lol surprise omg house track
lol surprise omg house boxes

You have to take the LOL OMG house assembly seriously, you only do it once.

Read the instructions carefully, assemble the main parts and check whether you have assembled the other side before screwing it in.

Download an assembly manual for LOL OMG House by following this link.

It takes about an hour to assemble a house for dolls from LOL OMG. It’s different for everyone.

When you have collected all levels of the house, unpack LOL SURPRISE OMG house furniture.

Rooms and 85 surprises at LOL SURPRISE OMG House

The house for dolls LOL OMG consists of three floors and six rooms.

lol surprise new house

A working elevator, sound and light effects will give more fun.

In front of LOL OMG there is a sandpit for LOL pets, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and barbecue area.

To fill the sandbox, any kinetic sand will be fine for you.

If you do not have LOL Surprise pet, you canorder non-drying sand separately here.

On the ground floor there is a living room with a working lamp and a kitchen with an opening fridge.

On the second floor – a bedroom with transforming furniture (piano, which turns into bunk beds), spiral staircase and toilet (toilet makes plum sounds).

lol surprise omg house

And the third floor is a dressing room (a rack with hangers for dolls LOL OMG and a closet) and a balcony with two loungers and an umbrella. The background changes day and night for round-the-clock fun.

lol surprise omg new house

As you can see, LOL OMG furniture and house are suitable for tall dolls.

Furniture and accessories, elevator, swimming pools, stairs, stickers – all this is 85 surprises LOL Surprise OMG House.

Unlike the first house for dolls LOLand Winter Chalet LOL Surprise, this house LOL OMG dolls are not included. They have to be bought separately.

You can buy LOL Surprise OMG house on Amazon, Target, Walmart .

Check the Price LOL Surprise OMG House on Amazon.

lol omg new house

LOL Surprise OMG House Care

If you don’t use swimming pools, don’t keep water in them for a long time, so that the wood doesn’t get separated by moisture.

Wipe the house from dust with conventional wood furniture products. Scratching laminated wood is not easy, but if it does, paint with a marker of the appropriate colour.

Watch the video about the new LOL Surprise OMG House.


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