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LOL Surprise Present Surprise – New Toys

lol surprise present surprise

Key Facts About New LOL Surprise Dolls

The new LOL Surprise doll series is called Present Surprise and is a Birthday Gift Toy.

LOL Surprise Present Surprise is a biodegradable box, not a ball, as usual.

On the LOL Present Surprise box is a doll named Festive B.B. – August girl.

lol present surprise

Inside the package you will find 8 surprises:

  1. secret message sticker
  2. accessory
  3. bottle
  4. glasses
  5. accessory
  6. outfit
  7. footwear
  8. LOL Surprise doll Gift

LOL Surprise Present Surprise checklist

The LOL Surprise Present Surprise collection has 12 dolls. Each of them is a month in a year. Each birthday girl has her own doll LOL Surprise as a gift.

lol surprise present surprise dolls

There are no clubs in this LOL doll series. These are separate dolls for each month of the year. There are fabulous, rare and ultra-rare lol surprise dolls.

We found a promo- photo of the LOL Present Surprise dolls.

lol surprise present surprise

Each LOL Present doll has an water surprise. Drink it with water and the doll will wet herself, cry, change color or spit.

lol present surprise dolls

Lol Surprise Present Surprise dolls:

  1. Miss Garnet – January girl.
  2. Violet – February girl.
  3. Aqua – March girl.
  4. Carats – April girl.
  5. Emerald Babe – May girl.
  6. Pearl Q.T. – June girl.
  7. Jubilee – July girl.
  8. Festive B.B. – August girl.
  9. Sweet Sapphire – September girl.
  10. Opal Q.T. – October girl.
  11. Pumpkin Spice – November girl.
  12. Holidaze – December girl.

LOL Surprise Present Surprise release expected in fall 2020.

  1. Becky E Rodriguez says:

    when will this be available in the usa? Im anxious to get them for my daughters big lol collection. please let me know. thank you so very much. stay safe

    1. Administrator says:

      We will update the information on the site as soon as the lol surprise present surprise dolls are on sale. Roughly at the end of summer. Follow our site and instagram.

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