L.O.L. Surprise!

LOL Surprise R/C Wheels – fully functioning car with doll

lol surprise rc wheels

Meet the world’s first car with remote control for LOL Surprise dolls – LOL Surprise RC Wheels.

MGA has already made a racing car for dolls LOL OMG, with a small doll LOL Surprise and pool complete.

LOL Surprise! RC Wheels – new car with a doll LOL Surprise and on remote control. Now there’s even more fun!

Details of the LOL Surprise car- LOL Surprise! R/C Wheels

lol surprise rc wheels car

LOL Surprise! RC Wheels – is a racing car with a remote control.

Remote control LOL Surprise! RC Wheels operating at 2.4 GHz means the best signal to control the machine from a long distance.

As you can see from the photo, the LOL Surprise JK dummy car is not big, white with gold finish.

lol rc wheels car

LOL OMG dolls do not fit in this car. For high dolls you need to buy LOL Surprise car Pool Coupe.

Without opening the box you can see the car RC Wheels, the exclusive LOL Surprise JK – Downtown doll, a remote control in the form of a real steering wheel.

Press the buttons on the remote control steering wheel to start the car moving forward and backwards. Turning the steering wheel, as in a real car, turns the wheels of the LOL Surprise RC Wheels.

lol surprise rc wheels

Inside the box you will find the instructions, read them before using the car.

lol surprise remote controle

The LOL Surprise RC Wheels dolls car box also shows the stickers and accessories that we get when we buy this car.

lol surprise rc wheels package

Doll in a LOL Surprise RC Wheels car

It is very cool that when you buy a LOL Surprise RC Wheels you get an exclusive LOL Surprise JK series – Downtown doll – limited edition.

lol surprise rc wheels

The peculiarity of this series of dolls – they are small (LOL surprise tots) but their hair is real and they are the younger sisters of LOL Surprise OMG – they have the same outfit, accessories and hairstyles.

If you want to buy the big sister of this doll – LOL Surprise Downtown, read our review of LOL OMG 2 dolls.

lol surprise rc wheels jk doll
lol surprise omg downtown

Like all LOL Surprise dolls, LOL Surprise Downtown comes with accessories, outfit, stand and water surprise.

lol rc wheels car

Together with a LOL Surprise JK Doll you will get – an outfit, high shoes like all dolls of the LOL Surprise JK series, a doll stand, glasses, visor, hairbrush, belt pouch, bottle and cup.

The whole series ofLOL SUrprise JK 1 dolls of the first series can be seen here.

LOL doll Downtown JK changes color in cold water.

LOL Surprise RC Wheels doll change color

Check The price of LOL Surprise RC Wheels on Amazon.

You can buy LOL Surprise RC Wheels at Amazon, Target and other stores.

LOL Surprise RC Wheels release date – 24.08.2020

  1. Sheri Vitez says:

    i checked amazom and target. is this avaialble for pre order?

    1. Administrator says:

      not yet available for order.

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