L.O.L. Surprise!, L.O.L. Surprise! Remix

LOL Surprise Remix Pets – Review

lol surprise remix pets

LOL Surprise Remix – the most delightful and amazing series of dolls LOL Surprise. Because for the first time, having collected a collection of dolls you get a real musical composition.

What does it mean?

In the LOL Surprise Remix series each doll or pet has its own song lyrics and a musical fragment. To assemble a music band and a whole song, you need to collect a collection of dolls.

LOL Surprise Remix series includes:

  1. LOL Surprise Hair Flip
  2. Lol Surprise OMG Remix
  3. LOL Surprise OMG Remix 4-in-1 Plane
  4. LOL Surprise OMG Remix Super Surprise
  5. LOL OMG Remix Jukebox B.B.

If your baby collects pets, then give her a LOL Surprise Remix Pets.

Who are LOL Surprise Remix Pets?

LOL Surprise Remix Pets – LOL Surprise Pets with cool hairstyles made of real hair and disguised as a doll. That is, when you put an outfit on your pet, it will look like a doll.

lol surprise remix pets 2

It is written on the box:

Dressed 4 the Concert

lol surprise remix pets 9 surprises

Music accessories of LOL Surprise Remix will remind you which series your pet belongs to. After all, in previous series there were no pets with musical instruments.

Although pets with real hair were already in theLOL Surprise Lights series.

LOL Surprise Remix Pets Packaging

lol surprise remix pets 1

Box LOL Surprise Remix Pets reminds a boom box. It shows a cassette, a pet and buttons.

lol surprise remix pets lyrics
Buttons are not pressed

The back side indicates that you can make a real LOL Surprise boombox by collecting a box of LOL Surprise Remix Pets and LOL Surprise Hair Flip.

lol surprise remix hair flip boombox

Open the cassette, take out the cassette, the pet and the surprise bags. The most interesting begins.

lol surprise remix pets box

9 Surprises LOL Surprise Remix Pets

lol surprise remix pets surprises

Open the surprise bags and find all the surprises. There are 9 surprises waiting for you in LOL Surprise Remix Pets:

  1. tapes
  2. tape
  3. bottle
  4. microphone or musical instrument
  5. cassette player (does not make music)
  6. dress disguise
  7. lol surprise pet
  8. album about a pet
  9. water surprise (all pets change color)

To open your pet’s lyrics sticker, pull the tape out of the cassette! This is a sticker, combine it with the number on the sheet with the lyrics and finish the text. Collect all the lyrics from all LOL Surprise Remix to reveal the whole song. Or create your own remix by mixing texts.

LOL Surprise Remix Pets Checklist

lol surprise remix pets collection

In the series LOL Surprise Remix Pets 12 animals. All of them with real hair, disguises to get to the concert “So Extra Tour” and with a musical instrument.

Pet LOL Surprise Remix are divided into clubs and degrees of popularity.

lol surprise remix pets check list

Look how bright and beautiful they are!

lol surprise remix pets funk bunny
lol surprise remix pets funk bunny 1

You can buy LOL Surprise Remix Pets on Amazon, Target, Walmart and soon in all stores of your city!

Check the LOL Surprise Remix Pets price on Amazon.com, it may vary by the seller.

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