L.O.L. Surprise!

LOL Surprise Smart watch with camera

lol surprise smartwatch and camera

Smart watch LOL Surprise from MGAE company is a wonderful gift for young fans of LOL Surprise dolls.

There is no denying that gadgets are important in a person’s life and it is also impossible to forbid children to use them. However, you need to be careful when choosing a gadget for your child. For example, a high-quality image, it is necessary to have the function of training and communication.

Smart watches LOL Surprise have many functions and will be interesting and useful for you and your child.

MGAE company creates high quality smart watches. For example, the Tobot watch collected a lot of excellent feedback from customers.

Read our review before you buy.

lol surprise smartwatch

Features LOL Surprise Smart Watches.

lol surprise smartwatch manual
  • Trendy pink watch with sequins! MGAE know how to create attractive toys for girls. Your little girl will not want to take them off.
  • Support of games and training character LOL Surprise: MC Swag! It produces more than 100 expressions and sound effects, legs and hands move, which will make your child laugh, dance and learn!
  • Mini games will help your children to have fun on a trip or in line.
  • With this smart LOL Surprise watch, your child will learn how to determine the time (analogue and digital dial), use a calendar, timer, alarm and reminders.
  • Teaching games with augmented reality: Treasure Hunt, dance games and much more!
  • For lovers of selfies, the smart LOL Surprise watch has two cameras. Children can take pictures of themselves and the world around them, shoot videos and decorate photos with LOL Surprise stickers! Memory in Smart Watch LOL Surprise is designed for 3000 photos and 30 minutes of video!
  • Wear a LOL Surprise Smart Watch not only on your wrist, but also on your clothes, with the help of a clamp. This is great news, because children often do not feel comfortable wearing a rubber watch on their hands.
  • Calls are not accepted! But wireless connection allows you to exchange voice messages or emogy, photo with a nearby LOL Surprise! Smart watch.
  • Recommended age: from 6 years.

Smart LOL Surprise watches are available to order. Check the price of Amazon, it may change.

Instruction for Smart Watch LOL Surprise

SmartWatch LOL Surprise – a great gift for a modern girl! Your child will be happy and enthusiastic!

lol surprise smartwatch with camera

Smart LOL Surprise watches are available to order. Check the price of Amazon, it may change.

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