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Luvabella was released in 2017 and immediately won the toy market. Luvabella dolls flew off the store shelves at lightning speed.

Is this doll suitable for your baby?

1. Luvabella is an interactive doll that responds to the words and touch of a child.

So what is Luvabella? She is an interactive robot doll.

luvabella blonde

Luvabella is a high-tech interactive doll, and she has the technical points to prove it: Light sensitive eyes Rear touch sensor Touch sensor belly Foot touch sensors Speakers Microphone Internal microchip If you’re familiar with the Fingerlings monkey robots that are sitting on your finger, Luvabella is a more high-tech version of the same technology. Only she can do more …

2. Luvabella makes more than 100 movements and sounds.

She has so many movements, sounds and responses that is amazing.

Here is just an example of what this interactive little doll can do:

Play hide-and-seek
Speak French (no kidding!)
to yawn
Luvabella can also independently move some parts of its body. She regularly moves her eyelids, blinks. She opens and closes her mouth to eat, talk, yawn, laugh and suck on the nipple. Her hands rise and fall when she is excited or wants to play. She even moves her head while playing, being fussy or as part of her other expressions.

3. It comes with 7 accessories … and you need them!

Here are the accessories that come with Luvabella:

The dress
Pair of shorts
Nipple (nipple)

luvabella blonde doll 1

The last 4 accessories are “interactive.” Luvabella has many movements and sounds that she makes herself or in response to your baby’s actions. Even more when you bring interactive accessories to it. Each interactive accessory starts playback mode during which Luvabella will respond in 4 or 5 different ways.

Luvabella loves sucking her pacifier and loves to relax with her when she is fussy. When your baby brings him closer to the lips of the doll, she will open her mouth and will gladly accept a pacifier.

A spoon is used for feeding Luvabella (obviously). She can ask for food by saying, “I’m hungry,” OR your child can feed Luvabella whenever she wants. However, the spoon cannot enter until Luvabella also says “ahhh” and opens her mouth. If the doll is full, it will turn its head. Spoon also encourages her to learn words related to food. So funny!

Toy lamb Luvabella translates it into game mode. When the lamb comes to its mouth, it will kiss it and start talking and playing. She will also experiment with new words during the game.

The last accessory that comes with the doll is its bottle. The bottle is mainly used for sedation and sleep.

4. Your baby can teach the doll to speak.

One feature that distinguishes Luvabella from other interactive dolls is that it can be “taught” to speak.

When she first gets out of the pack, Luvabella basically can only chat as a child. She will also be able to tell mom (the default) or dada. As soon as your baby starts to play with her and try to teach her, she will better speak the words. A doll learns best by playing with a lamb (she learns and improves the names of animals) or eats with a spoon (she learns and improves words related to food).

In addition to animals and food, Luvabella can learn simple commands and answers related to her own care and play games like “eat please”, “i’m hungry” and “peek-a-boo”.

5. These dolls are not for water games.

As you can imagine, with all these technologies and capabilities, your little one can absolutely NOT get wet Luvabella.

Imagine that you immerse your phone in water … you know what is happening.

This is the same thing that will happen to Luvabella when she gets wet, only you cannot put her in rice to get the water out. Be sure to explain this to your baby when she gets the doll.

So how do you clean the doll? With a damp napkin. In general, you can use any wet cloth, but the wet cloth is soft and slightly damp, so the probability of damage to Luvabella is small.

6. For children over 4 years old, but better for children over 5 years old.

Luvabella is said to be for children 4 years and older, but we think that it is the best doll for children 5 years and older.

Luvabella dolls arrive offline, which means they can move and make their own sounds … like a real child. For some children under the age of 5, this independence may make them nervous or even frighten (think, Chucky). We recommend waiting for your little one to ask for Luvabella before you decide to buy it. Otherwise, she may not like or even be afraid of the doll.

More important…

More important…

Young fours – and definitely small ones that are younger than this – may not be able to understand the degree of care that needs to be taken with the help of a sophisticated robot doll. They still put things in their mouths, throw things in the toilet, throw things on the floor … you see.

A doll that can learn 100 words and play with hundreds of movements and sounds will also NOT be durable. All the technology on Luvabella that makes it great also makes it vulnerable to rough play.

In fact, the instruction manual assumes that your baby will not even take the doll OUTSIDE, because it fears that dirt, grass and cement will scratch the surface and block the sensors.

The fragility of Luvabella leads to the next point …

7. There are 3 choices of Luvabella plus 1 boy, Luvabeau.

Luvabella has a limited but adequate range of options:

Girl with brown skin and brown hair

luvabella braun doll luvabella braun

Blonde girl with blond hair

 luvabella blonde doll luvabella blonde

Blonde girl with brown hair (brunette)

luvabella braun doll 3 luvabella braun doll 2

There is even one boy: Luvabeau. He has fair skin with sandy brown hair. He also comes in a cute jumpsuit and has blue interactive accessories.

Luvabeau Boy doll Luvabeau Boy

Luvabeau has the same movements and sounds as Luvabella.

By default, Luvabeau will call your baby “mom”. To switch to “Dada”, hold the “Luvabeau” button on your back and, as soon as you hear a beep, touch his right leg for Dada. Then you can release the return button.

Overall, Luvabeau is a bit more expensive and definitely harder to find than Luvabella. If you see, buy it!

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8. These cuties have accessories that you can buy or use yourself.

You can use your own accessories with Luvabella if you want. These dolls can wear baby clothes and diapers.

The best sizes of baby clothes and diapers will be the first (the set is sold separately).

Luvabeau Boy bag set

This set comes with 10 pieces:

Diaper bag
Bib with blue trim
Pink Bib
Blue finish in a replaceable cloth diaper
Pink finish of the removable cloth diaper
Mutton toy
Blue cloth
Pink dressing burp
Soft bottle for baby powder
Soft dummy

What do we like
Your little one can teach this doll to talk. How cool is that ?!
Interactive accessories – a nice touch to expand the game.
There are many options for role-playing.
The size of the doll (about 16 inches) makes it compatible with other accessories for dolls.
What we don’t like
The initial 4 C batteries required for the operation of this doll are not included.
You are most likely to receive a defective doll.
Many opportunities for this pupa to break.
We feel that this doll is a bit more expensive than what you get.

Final review
Luvabella is a high-tech interactive doll with a lot of functionality and gaming potential.

We like the idea of ​​Luvabella, but we still have to work on its design and manufacture. You can buy a doll now if you have a high level of risk and you don’t mind dealing with returns. Otherwise, we recommend waiting a year or two to buy Luvabella until some bends have been worked through.

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