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Barbie cars

Barbie doll is the most popular doll of all time!

She was born in 1959 and has already celebrated her 60th birthday.

During its existence, Barbie had many cars.

Let’s look at the first cars for Barbie.

Today’s Barbie doll cars look very modern and glamorous.

Basically, the cars for Barbie are double, that is, Barbie’s driver and her friend or boyfriend Ken will fit. Like, for example, this pink convertible.

This Barbie car is made in pink with glamorous sequins. On wheels, seats and hood – logos, Barbie signs. The seat belts in the car really work and your doll will ride safely! Steering wheel and wheels spin.

Such a Barbie convertible is sold with a doll. There are two options for a Barbie doll with such a car.

Choose which doll you like best. Graphic print on a pink dress or floral print? Both dolls are in pink shoes and sunglasses.

There is a car on sale with a Barbie doll – a brunette.

barbie car convertible
barbie doll and car 2

You might also like cars with Barbie dolls and Ken or a Barbie car with a girlfriend. A pink and blue SUV with two Barbie friends will be a great gift for your baby. Barbie’s car and doll outfits are made in delicate pink, blue and white colors. The set of Barbie is a brunette and a blonde.

barbie off road car

Barbie’s SUV with her friend Ken is a great game kit for those who love Barbie dolls.

Barbie and Ken dolls are ready for a date and walks by car. Barbie in a beautiful pink dress with ruffles, and Ken with a fashionable hairstyle, in a T-shirt and shorts. Seat belts work, steering wheel spinning.

A very glamorous car for Barbie is a white convertible with a Barbie doll inside.

This is also a double car, inside a delicate pink color. With an open roof and Barbie logos.

The doll itself is dressed very stylishly – a blue jumpsuit, white sneakers, stylish jewelry and sunglasses.

The classic Barbie car is pink, and the doll in the classic outfit is a pink top and a black and white graphic skirt.

car for barbie doll

Now we will tell you about four-seater cars for Barbie. There are those too – for a fun company of Barbie friends.

barbie and vehicle

On this blue SUV, your doll can go on the most fun journey on any terrain. Brown blots indicate that on this car, Barbie is not afraid of dirt or pits.

Dressed Barbie practical – denim shorts, a tank top and sneakers, for the most daring trips. Gather a fun company and send on a trip in such a car with Barbie’s friends.

And yet, for a large company of Barbie dolls, such a car is suitable – an SUV.

barbie girls road trip
barbie girls road trip 1

The car is a pink glamorous color, sold with four Barbie dolls from the Barbie Fashionistas series.

All dolls are in fashionable outfits and with a suitcase.

For Barbie travelers there is a car – Barbie camping truck with a boat. This car is a great gift for a girl. In a set:

  • car truck barbie
  • paddle boat
  • Barbie doll
  • life vest
  • puppy
  • toy for puppy
  • bottle for water.

Barbie is dressed in denim shorts, a gray jersey with a print of nature and white sneakers.

barbie camping truck and sea kayak 1
barbie camping truck
barbie camping truck and sea kayak

This Barbie machine will give you a lot of fun and game options!

For a large group of friends or Barbie’s family, there is another car – a purple jeep.

barbie vehicle

Very practical Barbie car, all three friends and Barbie herself will fit. Sold without a doll.

barbie vehicle 1

In addition to cars for Barbie, the doll can move around, travel by bike or moped.

The bike for Barbie is very glamorous and beautiful. Barbie bike is very realistic, with a hand brake, a helmet, a basket of flowers and a doll holder. Pink and blue colors make the Barbie bike very glamorous.

barbie bisycle
barbie bisycle 1

This bike is a great game set for Barbie doll fans.

For a faster and more extreme ride, you will love the Barbie scooter.

barbie scooter

Very glamorous, delicate pink with a puppy in the kit and a helmet for a safe ride. In the scooter for Barbie there is a leg (stand) so that the scooter can be parked.

barbie scooter 1

This moped (scooter) is a great replacement for Barbie cars. Very beautiful, develops imagination and makes the game fun.

In this article, we tried to talk about all the cars for Barbie dolls, as well as other vehicles.

You can write in the comments what other interesting Barbie cars are. We welcome feedback.

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