Mermaid High – new dolls from Spin Master

Mermaid High Finly doll box HOT TOYS

Meet Mermaid High – mermaid dolls with two outfits, created by the animated series.

Release Date: October 23, 2021

Welcome to Mermaid High! It’s the first day of school, and these four new students have a big seacret! Premieres October 23rd

Mermaid High 2-in-1 game set with removable mermaid tail.

Mermaid High Finly doll box

Meet 4 new characters of the animated series and gather a collection of five dolls!

mermaid high dolls pic

Mermaid High doll names

  • Oceanna
  • Searra
  • Mari
  • Finly

Mermaid High Dolls Student ID

mermaid high dolls spin master
mermaid high art
mermaid high dolls art

Each doll comes with two outfits and accessories. Mix and match the outfits of all the dolls in the collection.

Mermaid High Oceanna doll

Mermaid High Finly doll

Mermaid High Searra doll

Mermaid High Mari doll


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