Mermaze Mermaid Deluxe dolls – Review

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Meet New Fashion Dolls from MGAE – Mermaze Mermaidz!
Mermaze Mermaidz Deluxe Release date march 2022.

Each Mermaze Mermaidz 11″ doll comes with 4 glitter gels to create so many glam looks! They are wearing a full gown and the articulated, sculpted tail color change when placed in water. Dolls can stand on their own.

Beyond the waves, beheath the surf, into the deep blue…Follow the fabulous fins of Mermaze to descover something amazing! Did you know mermaids are just like us? They love getting glam and trying out new hairstyles.

Like the Rainbow High dolls, they have real eyelashes, bright makeup, beautiful hairstyles, and articulate bodies. The dolls also have fancy jewelry.


Hi! I'm Lesia Ostrovskaya, the mother of two beautiful girls – Emilia (7 years old) and Dasha (5 years old). They are very fond of dolls and, in principle, all kinds of toys. At the moment, we have already bought more than 3000 toys for them and...believe us, we have something to tell you ;)

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