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Amazing and not a bit scary doll Monster High (Monster High)

The world’s largest toy maker Mattel in 2010 launched a project in which the main character was the doll Monster High. The collection is aimed at children and adolescents.

The line is represented by girls-pupae and heroes-young men of five standard sizes, whose body height is from 25 to 31 centimeters. The hair of girls-pupae is made of synthetic fiber, and the hair of guys is made of molded polymer. The figures of the dolls have thirteen points of articulation, due to which they can bend and flex their arms and legs.

Also, the manufacturer put on sale related products, namely: clothing, accessories, vehicles, furniture, cars, pets, book series.

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Designer Mega Bloks Monster High
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New series Monster High dolls
MONSTER HIGH - Dolls Guide
Monster High Deluxe Bus – Playset
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Monster High Deluxe High School – Playset

Characters are inspired by monster movies, sci-fi sci-fi and many other creatures. Monster High was created by Garrett Sander with illustrations by Kelly Riley and illustrator Glen Hanson. In 2010, an animated web series was developed and released on YouTube. This led to the release of a series of videos, some of which were broadcast as films on Nickelodeon. Web series and videos served as a platform for launching new puppet characters. In 2015, a story about the reboot and the origin, entitled Welcome to Monster High, was released using new face shapes, movie animation, slogan (“How Do You Boo?”) And the song “This Is How We We Boo” performed by Jordin Sparks .

In the city of New Salem, teenage children of famous monsters attend a monster high school called Monster High. Their stories are told in TV shows / web series and movies, and also embodied in dolls.

monster high school

The characters in the fashion franchise are beautiful monsters.

Female characters are classified as ghouls, and male characters are classified as mousters. Characters are usually sons and daughters or associated with monsters that have been popularized in fiction. The official franchise website identifies six characters:

  • Cleo de Nile (voiced by Sally Saffioti) is the daughter of Mummy Ramses de Nile and she is 5842 at the beginning of the series. She is the captain of a combat squad. Cleo prefers to wear accessories with light gold bandages. She is or looks like Cleopatra. She is also the queen of the social scene and has a guy named Dews Gorgon.

monster high Cleo Doll

  • Frankie Stein (voiced by Kate Higgins in 2010–16, Cassandra Morris in 2016 – present) is the daughter of the monster Frankenstein and his bride. She has gray hair with black veins, although her mother has black hair with white veins and bright greenish-green skin the color of mint ice cream. Frankie is a simulacrum, that is, her body consists of many different parts, similar to a hybrid, but it consists of more than three or four monsters. In addition, she is clumsy, sweet and always kind to others. In the series, she met with Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde, but this fact is different from the information in the diaries, where both characters have a relationship with Draculara.

monster high frankie stein Doll

  • Clawdeen Wolf (voiced by Sally Saffioti) is a werewolf daughter. She is described as fluffy, sociable and sweet. Clawdeen is a little, or more than a little, a fashionista, as she loves fashion with fashion design. Sometimes she is a bit hot-tempered when confronted with her, but you can easily control her if you convince her correctly. Her wolf ears are pierced in several places.

monster high clawdeen Doll

  • Draculaura (voiced by Debi Derriberri) is a vampire, daughter of Count Dracula. She has a relationship with Claudine’s older brother Claude Wolfe. She is a vegetarian who loses consciousness at the sight of blood. Diaries show that she met with Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde. She has fangs and she usually wears pink, black and white.

monster high draculaura Doll

  • Gulia Yelps (vocal effects provided by Auda Paden) is the daughter of a zombie who is Cleo de Nil’s personal assistant. She is very intelligent, but can only speak the language of the zombie, which consists of groans. She wears red glasses. Gulia is absent after the 2016 reboot.

monster high gulia yells Doll

  • Lagoona Blue (voiced by Laura Bailey in 2010–2016, voiced by Larisa Gallagher in 2016 – to present) – daughter of the Gill (creature from the Black Lagoon) and sea nymph. Lagoona of “Down Under” and speaks with an Australian accent. She can talk to sea animals. She will have Gillington “Jill” Webber.

monster high lagoona blue

Despite the similarity with fantastic monsters, Monster High toys are very cute, funny and cheerful. Playing with them, the child develops fantasy, learns that appearance is not the main thing, beauty can be unusual, and there are no barriers for true friendship.

However, the school of monsters, like the Mattel line of dolls, is not present at toy fairs in 2018.

Already in 2016, Mattel, after losing the line of Disney princesses (transferred to Hasbro), was in a very difficult financial situation. Then they “rebooted” the Monster High dolls and tried to aim the dolls at a younger audience.

However, this step, apparently, accelerated the death of the project, as collectors rejected the new projects of the company, and the failed sales could not recover.

New Monster High dolls appeared in stores in 2018, apparently, are the latest pieces released.

That is, Monster High, in fact, ceased to exist. They are no longer advertised on TV and the Internet. Despite this, Mattel has several very good reasons for not officially canceling the doll line.

The first reason is partnerships with companies that produce books under the Monster High brand, software, websites and content for the YouTube channel. Mattel do not want to substitute their partners with such a statement.

Secondly, Universal Pictures has the desire and the ability to create the Monster High movie. The initial release date was to be in October 2016. Despite the fact that this did not happen, officially the project is not dead, and if Universal decides to launch the film into production, Mattel will be able to support it with new dolls. Of course, the release of the film is unlikely, but Mattel does not lose hope.

Thirdly, it is also a matter of trademark and intellectual property. Maybe Mattel will continue to produce a small number of inexpensive dolls of figures and place them in its general catalog in order to preserve the trademark.

Yes, it’s terrible when the series of toys you love closes their release. But if the demand is large enough, then the favorite series can be revived through time. Maybe in five to ten years, when nostalgia begins, Mattel decides to give Monster High another chance, regardless of whether the film is made.

At least the fans are hoping for a rebirth. Children loved classic monsters for over sixty years. So, now everything depends on the patience and perseverance of the fans. Plus, as they say, it is difficult to keep a good monster in the grave.

In the meantime, we ponostalgize …

Yet they were beautiful, agree?

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