Soft toy Simba “Lion Queens” – alive toy!

An incredible gift for a fan of the movie The Lion King! Simba – the protagonist of The Lion King – as a living. Interactive toy from Hasbro and Disney.

lion king simba interactive

Over 100 sound and motion options!
The interactive plush toy of Simba the Lion King, a mighty roar, embodies all the fun, charm and humor. Growl at each other (who is the loudest?), Play together and treat him and do not forget to give your Simba a lot of hugs … in the end, even the king likes to cuddle!

lion king mighty roar simba
lion king mighty roar simba interactive

The young King Simba wants to roar, talk and play: he loves to utter phrases from the movie, challenge you to noisy contests and lean back to show you that he is ready to play
It responds to touch and sound with more than 100 combinations of sound and movement: it can move your head, eyes, ears, mouth, legs and tail and makes a lot of funny sounds from the movie
He is full of surprises: pat him on the head – who knows what he will say or do? Talk to him, growl at him and watch how he reacts.
Feed him your favorite treat and Simba answers when you feed him to him
A fantastic gift for a birthday or a holiday: for children from 4 years and older and any lover of the Lion King
4 batteries required C.

lion king lion king plush toy
lion king lion king toy

This real little Simba is already on sale!

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