Na Na Na Surprise Dolls – Series 4

nanana surprise dolls 4

Na Na Na Surprise! dolls From MGA company girls like for interesting unpacking, surprises and cute fashion images of dolls.

Each series of Na Na Na Surprise dolls – is six new dolls in the image of animals. Distinctive feature of Na Na Na Surprise dolls – Distinctive feature of Na Na Na Surprise dolls! soft body, real long hair and animal look. On the doll hat (not removable) with the ears of the animal and for your child purse key chains in the form of an animal.

Na Na Na Surprise! dolls very fashionable, they have stylish hairstyles and bright clothes.

The outfit and shoes are removed, you can combine and mix the outfits with other Na Na Na Surprise dolls! The height of the dolls is 19 cm.

The fourth series of Na Na Na Surprise dolls

In the fourth series of Na Na Na Surprise! six new dolls:

  • panda Juli Joyful
  • bunny Melanie Mod
  • cat Paula Purrfect
  • tiger Bianca Bengal
  • bunny Bebe Groovy
  • buffalo Tommy Torro

Unboxing Na Na Na Surprise! series 4

The color of the box in the 4-th series of Na Na Na Surprise! purple, it shows a Bebe Groovy doll.

To unpack the Na Na Na Surprise doll! in the fourth series, as in the previous ones, you need to open the box, find the package and the straw. Through a tube inflate the bag and slam it, you will see a splash of confetti!

na na na surprise

Inside the NaNaNa Surprise package! you will find a plush wallet and 2 surprise package. In the wallet is hidden doll.

Dress up your Na Na Na Surprise doll, it’s so fun!

Watch the video unpacking of the second Na Na Na Surprise series on our channel.

NaNaNa Surprise dolls are surprise dolls, but if you want you can find out which doll will be inside the package.

To do this, you need to know the symbols of NaNaNa Surprise series 4.

On each box you will see a symbol that corresponds to a certain doll:

  • bull head – Tommy Torro
  • tiger track – Bianca Bengal
  • symbol of peace – Bebe Groovy
  • stems – Juli Joyful
  • chamomile – Melanie Mod
  • cat head – Paula Purrfect

On Amazon, each doll NaNaNa Surprise can be bought separately, which is very convenient.

nanana dolls series 4 symbols 2
nanana dolls series 4 symbols

NaNaNa Surprise series 4 doll’s names

Meet 6 new dolls, including a boy NaNaNa Surprise.

Bebe Groovy

Blonde girl from the cover of the package of the 4th series of NaNaNa Surprise – cute yellow rabbit with floral print and white boots with scent.

nanana dolls series 4 bunny

Bianca Bengal

nanana dolls series 4 tiger

Girl Bengal tiger, white hair and fragrant shoes.

Melanie Mod

nanana dolls series 4

Bright rabbit with colorful prints on clothes and boots. Bright hair and also scented boots.

Juli Joyful

nanana dolls series 4

Charming panda in a cute outfit and unusual scented shoes.

Paula Purrfect

nanana dolls series 4 cat

Nice gentle girl kitty, the clothes look like a schoolgirl’s uniform, and the shoes are scented.

Hair styled just delightful!

Tommy Torro

The boy of the fourth series NaNaNa Surprise is a buffalo.

nanana dolls series 4 buffalo

Sports boy in scented sneakers.

NaNaNa Surprise 4 dolls are very cute and interesting. I have a favorite in every series, now it is Juli Joyful, and you?

Get acquainted with the previous series of Na!Na!Na dolls! Surprise – first, second and third series. Do you collect these dolls?

Check the price NaNaNa Surprise 4 on Amazon.

  1. Juli Joyful is my 2nd favourite but would be my joint 1st if they didn’t have animals because I love cats

  2. My favourites from series 4 which I am hoping to purchase are the two bunnies and I have got the panda already

    1. Administrator says:

      Cool! my favorite doll from this series Pirate girl Becky Buckaneer

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