Na! Na! Na! Surprise! – series 1

MGA released many toys this year – HITS. This is the new L.O.L Surprise doll series! – Glitter globe and LOL Boys, and even larger LOL Surprise dolls – OMG fashion dolls.

Big dolls also appeared in the Poopsie Surprise collection (before that there were only unicorns) – Poopsie Rainbow Surprise !. Outfit for these dolls can be done by yourself using a slime.

Well, at the end of the year, we decided to please us with soft  surprise dolls – Na! Na! Na! Surprise!

What are NaNaNa Surprise dolls

NaNaNa Dolls Surprise – new surprise dolls from MGA Entertainment.

You can read about the second series of Na!Na!Na! Surprise dolls by clicking here.

nanana surprise 81

Each surprise toy from MGA is distinguished by its packaging and content.

na na na surprise series 1

na na na surprise package

na na na surprise unicorn

Package Na! Na! Na! Surprise! It is a box inside which is a balloon, in the kit comes a paper tube through which you need to inflate the balloon.

Inside the package is a plush keychain – an animal handbag. Open it and you will find the Na doll! Na! Na! Surprise!

na na na surprise 2

na na na surprise 1

Unboxing Na!Na!Na! Surprise! doll – Britney Sparkle

nanana surprise 10

nanana surprise 97

nanana surprise 93

Nanana surprise dolls are 7,4 inches (19 cm) tall.

Na na na surprise series 1 checklist

nanana surprise checklist

na na na surprise 3 na na na surprise

nanana surprise 24

nanana surprise 23

If you want to get a specific doll, then pay attention to the symbols indicated on the package. Each NaNaNa Surprise doll has its own character.

nanana surprise symbols

Nanana Surprise Dolls  series 1 and symbols:

  • Roxie Foxie (symbol – triangle)
  • CJ Cuddles (symbol – rhombus)
  • Aubrey Heart (symbol heart)
  • Minna Moody (symbol square)
  • Sarah Snaggles (symbol – circle)
  • Britney Sparkles (symbol -Star)

Roxie Foxy

In her fox’s purse is a Roxie Foxy doll with chic red hair.

The hair is very long and soft.

Dolls are very soft, legs of the handle bend. The hat is not removed. The face painted is very cute, in the style of Lol, OMG and Poopsie dolls. Red swimsuit and fishnet tights are also stuffed.

nanana surprise 85

nanana surprise 2

nanana surprise 50

In addition to the doll, there are two packages with surprises. They have a dress and shoes.

Dress Na! Na! Na! Surprise! You can store it in the same wallet and take it everywhere with you.

nanana surprise 7

All in the collection Na! Na! Na! Surprise! six dolls, including a boy.

nanana surprise 2

nanana surprise 34

Sarah Snuggles

A teddy bear hides a Sarah Snuggles doll with long bright pink hair, a warm dress, hat and golf.

nanana surprise 77

nanana surprise 78

nanana surprise 67

nanana surprise 65

Minna Moody

In the sheep we have a fashionable Minna Moody doll with purple hair and a fashionable outfit.

nanana surprise dolls

nanana surprise 14

Britney Sparkles

In the unicorn –  Britney Sparkles  Nanana Surprise doll.


na na na surprise

na na na surprise outfit

na na na surprise hair

na na na surprise 19

na na na surprise doll briyney

na na na surprise britnye sparkle

In the Bunny – Aubrey Heart doll

nanana surprise

And in the tiger, the boy is CJ Cuddies.

nanana surprise dolls 2

Na! Na! Na! Surprise! dolls are very lovely and beautiful! Your baby will have a lot of fun unpacking and playing with these new surprise dolls!

You can read about the second series of Na!Na!Na! Surprise dolls by clicking here.

You can buy the original dolls in any large online store or toy store in your city.

If you still have questions about Na dolls! Na! Na! Surprise! write us in the comments.

  1. Hi I’m in the UK an having trouble buying Sarah snuggles in series one , can you help locate at not extortionate price pls

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