Na! Na! Na! Surprise! Plush Convertible for Dolls

car for nanana dolls

Popular MGAE dolls – NaNaNa Surprise now with a car!

For a fun variety of play with dolls, you need play sets, accessories and a doll car.

You can buy a bedroom with a closet for dolls NaNaNa Sunrise or a convertible for dolls!

NaNaNa Surprise Pink Cabriolet – Plush!

NaNaNa Surprise Convertible

Just like the NaNaNa Surprise dolls, the car for these dolls is soft!

NaNaNa Surprise Soft Plush Convertible

The NaNaNa Surprise Convertible is very cute, pink with opening doors and a spinning steering wheel. The real windshield and working seat belts and head rest make this convertible look like the real thing.

nanana car doll

The car looks like a kitten!

NaNaNa Surprise dolls convertible with a furry tail like a kitty cat. The license plate says: Meow, the cat’s spout and antennae also indicate that the car has the character of a cat!

The wheels are spinning!

Put your NaNaNa Surprise doll in the pink convertible and take her to school or the store.

nanana surprise car
car for nanana doll

Suitable for regular NaNaNa Surprise dolls and tall NaNaNa Surprise Teens

The convertible is designed for only one doll. In terms of size, the NaNaNa Surprise car fits dolls 7.5 inches (19cm) and 11 inches (28cm).

nanana surprise plush car

Buy a NaNaNa Surprise Convertible for your dolls and create even more playful stories with your dolls!

nanana surprise car tail
NaNaNa surprise soft car

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