Na! Na! Na! Surprise – series 3 Review

NaNaNa Surprise series 3 dolls

NaNaNa Surprise are quite popular dolls in the world of toys. The first two series of these dolls are still being bought.

On our site there are reviews of thefirstand second series of NaNaNa Surprise dolls.

What is Na Na Na Surprise series 3 dolls

dolls in surprise packaging, with an interesting unpacking process, surprise bags and confetti.

But, unlike LOL Surprise dolls, you can find out which NaNaNa Surprise 3 doll is hiding inside the box. Below I tell you how to do it.

NaNaNa Surprise dolls are softly printed dolls with real makeup hair. The head, legs and arms are turned, bent, but not fixed in position.

Each doll has a label attached to it, which indicates the name and date of birth of the doll NaNaNa Surprise 3 Series. The label can be removed. The outfit and shoes of NaNaNa Surprise 3 dolls can also be taken off and put on.

The height of NaNaNa Surprise dolls 3 – 19 cm.

Some outfits of Barbie and LOL Surprise dolls from OMG fit NaNa Surprise dolls. But NaNaNa Surprise 3 dolls outfits for LOL Surprise OMG dolls.

In the first two series of NaNaNa Surprise dolls I saw problems with clothes and shoes.

Shoes are constantly falling off, and some dolls have small clothes, you can button them, but with difficulty.

NaNaNa Surprise 3 dolls are sold without a stand, the doll’s headdress cannot be removed from the doll. That can also be attributed to the shortcomings of dolls.

The puppet hat is part of the image. After all, each NaNaNa Surprise 3 Series doll comes in the form of an animal.

Together with a soft doll NaNaNa Surprise 3 you get a fluffy wallet as an animal. That’s where your doll is kept. The purse can be attached to a bag, backpack or belt on pants.

Na!Na!Na! Surprise series 3 Package

As in previous series, NaNaNa Surprise 3 dolls come in rectangular packaging. In the third series of dolls, she’s purple with bunny ears.

NaNaNa Surprise series 3 package

The hologram package is both outside and inside. The box shows a doll NaNaNa Surprise 3 – Sasha Scratch. Also indicated are the surprises that await you inside.

For those who want to buy a certain NaNaNa Surprise 3 doll, the package contains a symbol.

If you know the transcripts of NaNaNa Surprise 3 characters, you will know in advance which doll is inside the box.

Next I’ll write which NaNaNa Surprise 3 symbols correspond to which dolls.

The box, if you don’t tear it up, can be used to store the NaNaNa Surprise 3 doll and its outfit.

Unpacking NaNaNa Surprise series 3

The process of unpacking NaNaNa Surprise 3 dolls is very interesting for children.

First, you need to lightly press on both sides of the box, open it.

Inside you will find instructions, paper straw and a large beautiful print bag to be inflated.

Through the straw, inflate the bag, press on it and catch the colorful confetti!

But there won’t be as much confetti as we’d like. And they don’t fly that far or that high.

You can watch our video unpacking NaNaNa Surprise doll of the second and first series.

Inside the big surprise bag you will find a soft handbag, a NaNaNa Surprise 3 doll and two surprise bag with an outfit and shoes doll.

NaNaNa Surprise series 3 CheckList, dolls names, symbols

NaNaNa Surprise series 3 check list

The third series of NaNaNa Surprise has 6 new dolls, including one boy:

NaNaNa Surprise 3 – AnnaBelle Mooosche

NaNaNa Surprise series 3 Annabelle Moooshe

If you would like to buy a NaNaNa Surprise doll 3 Series AnnaBelle Mooosche, look for the symbol of the head with horns on the package.

Jeremy Hops

If you would like to buy a NaNaNa Surprise 3 Series Jeremy Hops doll, look for the symbol of the head with the ears of a rabbit on the packaging.

NaNaNa Surprise series 3 Jeremy Hops

Fifi LeFluff

If you would like to buy a NaNaNa Surprise 3 Series Fifi LeFluff doll, look for the bow symbol on the package.

NaNaNa Surprise series 3 Fifi LeFluff

Jennet Jaguar

If you would like to buy a NaNaNa Surprise 3 series Jennet Jaguar, look for the fire symbol on the packaging.

NaNaNa Surprise series 3 jennel jaguar

Dottie DeMil

If you would like to buy a NaNaNa Surprise 3 Series Dottie DeMil doll, look for the bone symbol on the package.

NaNaNa Surprise series 3 Dottie DeMil

Sasha Scratch

If you would like to buy a NaNaNa Surprise 3 Series Sasha Scratch doll, look for the symbol of a cat head on the package.

NaNaNa Surprise series 3 Sasha scratch

in my point of view by these photos Na Na Na Surprise dolls of series 3 are very cute and stylish. They are interesting to collect, combine clothes, with them interesting to play.

Each Na Na Na Surprise 3 doll has its own style, beautiful outfits and hair.

But note that the hats on the doll’s head can not be removed, the hair falls out if not carefully combed. And don’t lose your shoes, they might fall off.

Buy Na Na Na Surprise 3 Series dolls soon at online and toy stores in your city.

On you can buy a Na Na Na Surprise 3 doll of your choice, each doll is sold separately.

The release date of Na Na Na Na Surprise 3 series is summer 2020.

You can also buyNa Na Na Surprise 2 Series dolls. Read about them and choose which one you like?

If your child is older than 6 years, he or she will prefer LOL Surprise OMG dolls, they have more surprises, accessories and outfits. Also, they come with a coaster, which is very convenient. You can buy a little sister and even a pet for LOL OMG dolls.

But if it is expensive for you to buy LOL OMG, then NaNaNa Surprise dolls will suit you better. They are cheaper, but also fashionable, interesting and with surprises.

For lovers of classic dolls I recommend reading the review of fashion dolls Barbie BMR1959. It is a new series of Barbie, very stylish dolls with accessories and beautiful hairstyles, for every taste.

If you have any questions about Na Na Na Surprise 3 Series dolls, write us a comment, we will answer.

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