New Advent Calendar from MGA – What’s in my purse?

advent calendar mga

Christmas is coming soon, which means it’s time to buy an advent calendar so that the holiday awaits with surprises and fun!

We have shown you a large number of advent calendars here. Click and watch.

In addition to the LOL Surprise OOTD Winter disco advent calendar, MGA has released yet another Advent calendar “What’s in my purse?”

It will be on sale on Amazon from December 1, 2019. In the meantime, we found a photo of how it will look and we want to describe the contents of this Advent calendar.

Inside 24 surprises. Start opening them 24 days before Christmas, New Year, or your baby’s birthday.

Inside the box is numbered up to 24, and on the lid there are gifts that may get caught.

advent calendar purse mga

As you can see, it is indicated that you will find inside – 12 eraser puzzles, 3 markers, 4 bracelets with charms and 4 lip glosses in the rings, and 1 more lip gloss.

advent calendar mga 2

Will you start with the number 1 in order or open according to a different principle? This is not important because surprises are not related to each other. It is not necessary to follow the sequence.

Opening each door is a very exciting and interesting process that will make the expectation of the holiday special. Since the aromas and colors of surprises may vary in different trim levels of the Advent calendar, you probably cannot know what gifts you will receive.

advent calendar mga 1

Under the first door there is a ring on the finger, in which lip gloss. Always carry it with you))

Behind the second door is a bracelet with a pendant. Behind the third door of the Advent calendar you will find an eraser. Behind the rest of the doors is a list of all surprises, a bracelet, a school marker, a bracelet, scented lip glosses and other surprises.

advent calendar mga 3

advent calendar mga 4

advent calendar mga 5

advent calendar mga 6

Advent calendar “What’s in my purse?” – This is the only calendar where your baby will find jewelry, cosmetics and stationery. We have not yet seen similar contents of Advent calendars.

But, if you want to receive dolls and accessories for them as gifts, then see the Advent calendar options here and choose a gift to your liking.

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