L.O.L. Surprise!

New dolls LOL Surprise – #Hairgoals series 2

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Meet LOL Surprise dolls #Hairgoals Series 2!

Two years have passed since the release of the first LOL Surprise #Hairgoals series, but they are still popular as the first LOL Surprise tots dolls with real hair.

Let’s remember what is LOL Surprise #Hairgoals!

The full name of the first series of dolls LOL Surprise with real hair – LOL Surprise Makeover series #Hairgoals.

The first series is divided into two waves of release, in total there are 22 dolls with bright hair, including one boy LOL Surprise.

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LOL Surprise #Hairgoals Series 2 – What’s new?

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  1. Capsule of blue color with the image of one of the dolls of the series – Shine Baybay
  2. 15 surprises inside
  3. all dolls change color
  4. new dolls with bright hairstyles and trendy outfits
  5. new club Nom Club.

Doll LOL Surprise Hairgoals 2 hides in a bottle of hairspray.

Do not discard this cylinder after unpacking. It can be used to store a doll LOL Surprise, as a purse, as a doll stand and beauty salon.

lol-surprise hairgoals 2 vawe series 2 2

Cheque LOL Surprise Hairgoals 2 Doll List

As always, dolls LOL Surprise is very beautiful and fashionable, are divided into clubs and by popularity.

All dolls change color in cold water.

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Names of dolls LOL Surprise Hairgoals 2:

  • Star Queen
  • The Amazing B.B.
  • Offbeat
  • Wake up Q.T.
  • Rain Q.T.
  • Shine BayBay
  • Small Fry
  • Slice

15 surprises LOL Surprise Hairgoals 2

lol surprise hairgoals 2 vawe series 2 10

LOL Surprise Hairgoals 2 release date – winter 2021.

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