New items from Poopsie Rainbow Surprise: Fantasy Friends, Slime Smash, Makeup Surprise, Rainbow Crush

Meet the latest from MGA Entertainment Poopsie Surprise! Four new toys:

  • sweeties Fantasy Friends
  • donut slime smash dunkn deuce
  • Makeup Surprise Cosmetics Slime Set
  • Crisp Rainbow Crush Slime.

Younger sisters Poopsie Rainbow Surprise – Poopsie Fantazy Friends mermaids and other dolls.

poopsie rainbow surprise fantasy friends 1

This is a gift for all Poopsie slime lovers. Rainbow dolls need to be drunk, they spit out a slime and spray the sparkles from the bottle. Your slime is ready, collect the entire collection of dolls! They are divided into clubs and vary in rarity. There are popular, rare and ultra-rare Poopsie dolls. As you can see, there are 6 types of dolls: Down to earth, Aqua, Infernos, Flora, Airy Clouds and Starlings. Among the dolls, there are two mermaids, one of which is ultra rare. These funny dolls know how to … spit on a slime! This is a smaller version of the Poopsie Rainbow Surprise dolls line (similar to the Sparkly Critters series for the Poopsie unicorns line). And with the help of their bottle it will be possible to spray sparkles (glitter). If LOL dolls are known for their water surprises, then Fantasy Friends will give us funny surprises with slime!

poopsie rainbow surprise fantasy friends 2

poopsie rainbow surprise fantasy friends

Poopsie Surprise Slime Smash

A great gift for lovers of donuts and slimes! Set of four fragrant soft slimes. Poopsie Slime Smash donuts – open the donut container and you will find in it a special slime that smells, with glitter and sprinkle. Decorate your slime and store in a bright container!

poopsie rainbow surprise slime smash

Rainbow Surprise Makeup Surprise

And this set of Poopsie slides for makeup lovers. Packing in the form of lipstick contains more than 10 surprises, slimes and interesting additives to them.

poopsie Rainbow Surprise Makeup Surprise

Rainbow Surprise Rainbow Crush – create a shiny crispy slime.

Rainbow Surprise Rainbow Crush

The packaging for this slice kit is very similar to Poopsie Rainbow Surprise.

More info about Poopsie Slime Surprises you can read here.

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