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New LOL Dolls – L.O.L Surprise Lights Glitter

lol surprise lights glitter 2

Already in the spring of 2020, the pursuit of new LOL Surprise dolls that glow in the dark – LOL Surprise Lights Glitter will begin.

LOL dolls are collectible surprise dolls. But this time, MGA Entertainment came up with how to surprise fans of LOL dolls. And now not only a water surprise will wait for you, as before (dolls could cry, spit, spell or change color), and now their surprise or feature also appears in the dark when the ultraviolet glow. A flashlight with the right light is sold with the LOL Lights Glitter doll.

lol surprise lights glitter
look how beautiful they are!

Of course, in the LOL Surprise Lights Glitter ball, 8 surprises in the ball will also be waiting for you :

  • secret message
  • bottle
  • black Light
  • outfit
  • shoes
  • accessories,
  • Lol Surprise lights glitter doll.

But the main surprise of LOL you will see in the dark.

lol surprise lights glitter 1

This is what the LOL Surprise Lights Glitter balls will look like.

The packaging will feature a bright LOL Optical doll with pink spiral-shaped glasses. Balls LOL Surprise pink with white lines.

lol surprise lights glitter
lol surprise lights glitter
lol surprise lights glitter 1

In the same series there will be LOL OMG Ligts dolls, there are four of them in the collection.
And in the LOL balls Surprise Lights Glitter 12 dolls.

lol surprise lights glitter doll 3
lol surprise lights glitter 3

There are 5 clubs in the LOL Surprise lights Glitter series:

  • Glam Club – dolls Cadet , Harlequin Girl , Gala Q.T.
  • Opposites Club – dolls Fyre and Ice.
  • Art Club – dolls Drip Drop , Optical and  Surreal Bebe .
  • Dance Club – dolls Jammin’ , Dancebot
  • Swim Club – lol dolls Yacht B.B. and In Sync
lol surprise lights glitter doll

In the network there is still a photo of only a few dolls. They are very cool! As expected of the LOL Glitter series of dolls, these dolls are covered with sparkles.

lol surprise lights glitter
lol surprise lights glitter ball

We will be updating this article as information becomes available on the new LOL Surprise LIghts Glitter dolls.

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