L.O.L. Surprise!, LOL Surprise O.M.G. Dolls

New LOL Surprise OMG BFF Dolls – Moonlight B.B. and Sunshine Gurl

lol surprise omg bff series 5

The fourth series of LOL Surprise Furniture has 4 dolls: Dusk, Dawn, Sugar, and Spice.

MGAE always creates big sisters for LOL Surprise Furniture dolls.

LOL OMG BFF – Sweets and Spicy Babe dolls are already on sale. They are dolls of opposites.

For the Dusk and Dawn dolls there are older sisters – LOL OMG Moonlight B.B. and Sunshine Gurl. They also symbolize the opposites – day and night.

LOL OMG Moonlight B.B.

lol omg moonlight

This doll is the older sister of Dusk.

lol surprise dusk doll

LOL Surprise OMG Sunshine Gurl

lol omg sunshine box

This doll is the older sister of the Dawn doll.

lol surprise dawn doll

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