NEW Rainbow High dolls – Amaya Raine, Bella Parker, Karma Nichols, River Kendall, Fuchsia, Indigo

rainbow surprise high fashion dolls

New super popular Rainbow High dolls – 6 new looks!

Ultra-bright fashion dolls with long hair, eyelashes and modern outfits! You’ll love playing with these fashionable MGAE dolls.

You can get Rainbow High dolls here.

Now there’s a Rainbow High boy!

Rainbow High dolls – the characters of the series, each doll has its own character and style. This is doubly interesting!

Watch the Rainbow High series on YouTube and create different playthings with your dolls!

Welcome to Rainbow High, the colorful art school full of bold fashion and even bolder drama.

rainbow surprise rainbow high dolls

Pluses and minuses of Rainbow High dolls

When compared with other popular MGAE dolls or Barbie dolls, we identified the positive and negative qualities of Rainbow High dolls!


  1. Handle on the package of the doll for easy carrying.
  2. The presence of two pairs of shoes and two sets of outfits for the doll.
  3. Real eyelashes.
  4. Bending legs at the knees and arms, as well as turning the head. Many poses can be given.
  5. A stand for the dolls.
  6. Convenient clothes trimmers.
  7. Each doll has a character and style as revealed in the Rainbow High series.
  8. Realistic face and body, animated by eyelashes and realistic nose.
  9. The hands are removed for dressing
  10. The doll is 10.5 inches tall (27 cm).
  11. Better quality hair – it doesn’t come out and can be styled.

The disadvantages of Rainbow High dolls:

  1. The Rainbow High dolls are packaged with lots of tape and clasps. It will take a lot of time and the help of an adult to unpack.
  2. You can’t keep the box, you’ll probably damage it and throw it away when you unpack it.
  3. The box is not used for the game.
  4. The shoes are hard to put on.
  5. The socks can tear quickly.
  6. No accessories (bag, jewelry, glasses.)

As you can see, there are more pros and I definitely recommend the Rainbow High dolls to you!

Names of Rainbow Surprise Rainbow High dolls

Meet Rainbow Surprise High River Kendall, a fashionable boy!

Rainbow Surprise High River Kendall Teal
Rainbow Surprise High boy

Rainbow Surprise High – Fuchsia

Rainbow Surprise High Fuchsia doll
Rainbow Surprise High Fuchsia outfit

Rainbow High – Indigo

Rainbow High Indigo doll
Rainbow High Indigo

Rainbow High Karma Nichols

Rainbow High Karma Nichols
Rainbow High Karma Nichols doll

Rainbow Surprise High Amaya Raine

Rainbow Surprise High Amaya Raine
Rainbow Surprise High Amaya Raine doll
rainbow high amaya raine
rainbow high amaya raine 13
rainbow high amaya raine 9
rainbow high amaya raine 14
rainbow highamaya raine 15
Here we washed the hair, as stated in the description of the doll
rainbow high amaya raine 18
rainbow high amaya raine 16

Rainbow High Bella Parker

Rainbow High Bella Parker

All Rainbow High dolls have gel in their hair. Before using them for the first time, wash them and let your hair dry on its own. Then comb it out.

What do you get when you buy Rainbow High?

  • fancy doll
  • two sets of fashionable clothes
  • two pairs of shoes
  • brush
  • two hangers
  • doll stand.

Gather your entire collection of rainbow dolls for a fun game!

You can buy Rainbow High dolls at for $27

Find more Rainbow High dolls here.

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