Shopkins – Shoppies Dolls: Beach Season 2019!

shopkins shoppies beach style 8 – Shoppies Dolls: Beach Season&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=ur2&linkId=367b299831c485e837f3d15d2f856d09shopkins shoppies beach style 6

The beach season will soon begin in the world of dolls! Shoppies dolls, already loved by everyone, will also go to the sea.

shopkins shoppies beach style 7

External attributes and accessories complement the beach image.

Berry’s Strawberry Berry has a stylish swimsuit, red sandals are on their feet, and pink hair with elegant hair is decorated with strawberry barrettes. Includes comb, fruit in the form of strawberries, and Shopkins in the form of a bottle with a cocktail.

shopkins shoppies beach style 8

  • Kokosinki has a brown swimsuit, long elegant white hair with a hairpin and multi-colored sandals to make the Doll Shoppies the queen of the party. Includes a hairbrush, trendy glasses and a little Shopkins in the form of a coconut cocktail.shopkins shoppies beach style 9

Popsy Blue Shoppies goes on a sea voyage, and with her she has an inflatable circle and Shopkins in the form of ice cream. Bright long blue hair and a swimsuit will surely attract your child!

shopkins shoppies beach style 5

shopkins shoppies beach style 1 shopkins shoppies beach style

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