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barbie fashionistas 2020

In 2019, the legendary Barbie doll celebrated its 60th anniversary.

Barbie was made to show the girls that they can be anyone. This is Mattel’s premier message. Over 60 years of existence, the Barbie doll has been in different styles, images, professions and fairy-tale characters. Already there are even Barbie dolls with disabilities.

What further will Mattel surprise us with? Read about future Barbie dolls in 2020 in our article.

Barbie Color Reveal.

This is the most anticipated Barbie doll of this year. Read on why so.

In the new 2020th year, Mattel announced the sale of new Barbie dolls – Barbie Color Reveal. These are Barbie dolls – Surprise. Open the package to find out which doll and surprises you got. A detailed review of the first Barbie Color Reveal series is on our website.

The novelty of 2020 will be the second series of Barbie Color Reveal.

The first series of Barbie Surprise quickly sold out. On Amazon, these dolls have long been out of stock.

barbie color reveal series 1

Therefore, we are waiting for the new Barbie Color Reveal series at the beginning of 2020.

What will be new in the second series of Barbie Surprise?

barbie color reveal series 2

The packaging of a different, brighter green color.
The theme of the second Barbie Color Reveal series was food. You will find dolls with pizza, ice cream, popcorn, donuts and tortilla on the clothes.
New wigs for Barbie dolls. New colors.

As in the first series of Barbie Color Reveal, you will find 7 surprises:

  • packaging
  • clothes
  • footwear
  • wig
  • color change surprise
  • Barbie doll
  • sponge

The only wish for the new Barbie dolls will be the completion of the wig. I want him to be well put on the doll’s head and not see the plastic.

The collection contains five Barbie Color Reveal dolls.

The second series of Barbie will be a great addition to your collection. Collect all the dolls for more fun!

Barbie Fantasy Hair.

This is a game set with a Barbie doll and hair accessories, clothes for creating different images.

Having bought one Barbie doll, you get three looks. Because thanks to the accessories you can collect the image of Barbie the mermaid, Barbie the unicorn and the classic Barbie doll with beautiful locks of hair.

Barbie fantasy hair 2

In a set of Barbie Fantastic hair you get:

Barbie doll. She has long hair with colored strands, purple earrings, silver shoes and a silver dress.

  • comb
  • suspension
  • two hair clips
  • pink shoes
  • unicorn hoop with three strands of hair
  • mermaid hoop with two strands of hair
  • mermaid print t-shirt
  • unicorn print t-shirt.
barbie  fantasy hair 1

You can mix accessories with each other for more fun.

Barbie Fantasy Hair is expected in the spring of 2020.

Barbie Princess Adventure – new movie and new Barbie dolls

barbie princess adventure

In 2020, we will be able to watch a new cartoon with the participation of modern Barbie dolls. Barbie will become a princess and she will have many adventures with her friends. Prince will be Ken. The Adventures of Princess Barbie is a musical with six new songs. The plot promises to be exciting.

And, of course, Barbie Princess Adventure dolls have already been created for the film. Five heroes of this film, and, therefore, five new Barbie dolls:

Barbie Princess. Exclusive doll in a cute pink outfit: a pink dress with a tulle skirt, a silver jacket with fur and blue hi-tops. Princess Barbie looks very fashionable. A pink crown, pink glasses and a beautiful necklace adorn her head. Since this is a modern Barbie princess, she has a mobile phone and a handbag. Barbie has pink sandals for a shift. And the glamorous princess Barbie is accompanied by a glamorous puppy, with a crown and a necklace, like that of a mistress.

Pink-haired Princess Daisy is the heroine of Barbie Princess Adventure. We learn her role and character from the film. In the meantime, let’s look at the exterior. Dress, like Barbie, with a lush tulle skirt, lilac. A sea-green varnished jacket and pink boots complete the doll’s fashion outfit. Instead of a crown, the daisy has headphones, stylish eyes in front of her eyes, and a necklace on her neck. In the hands of the Barbie doll is a phone and a handbag. The doll can be changed into blue sandals. And this doll from the movie The Adventures of Princess Barbie has a pet – a cute white cat.

Another heroine of Princess Barbie Adventures is the fashionable Rene doll. A doll of Asian appearance. She likes to drink coffee (a glass comes in the kit) and talk on the phone (in the kit). She is wearing a purple dress with a lush, shiny skirt, blue sneakers and a blue handbag. And the jewelry is a pink tiara bezel and a pink choker on the neck. And, as we have said, instead of a pet, in the hands of a glass of coffee.

Barbie Princess Adventure Princess Nikki. Elegant doll in a pink-blue outfit with rhinestones on a skirt. Pink sneakers and a bag complete the delicate look. A glass of coffee and a phone in his hands. And the jewelry is a tiara and a bracelet.

Princess Teresa. In a delicate purple dress and white sneakers, a gold crown and a pendant with the inscription Love. And in the hands of a phone, coffee and a handbag. The beautiful princess from the movie. Soon we will learn more about her.

And the most anticipated doll is Barbie Ken Princess Adventure. A gorgeous prince in a stylish outfit – jeans and a blue jacket with an ascendant and orders. White sneakers make the look fashionable, and the crown on the head recalls the status of the prince. As many fans of Barbie dolls have already noticed, Ken’s hair is not real. Unfortunately.

We look forward to the musical Barbie Princess Adventure and Barbie dolls based on this film. It’s so interesting to play with characters from films as dolls.

If you are not tired, read on. The most interesting new Barbie dolls 2020 to come.

Barbie Anniversary Doll 2020. 40th Anniversary First Black Barbie.

In 2020, Mattel has another anniversary: exactly 40 years ago, they released the first black Barbie in a red dress. This year, Barbie’s anniversary doll also has a long red dress with a slit and sleeves. Gold jewelry, curly aphropric, red shoes, a gold clutch complete the chic image of Barbie dolls. This beautiful Barbie doll will be very popular!

Barbie Fashionistas 2020.

This is the most popular series of Barbie dolls. And it’s very interesting how Barbie Fashionistas dolls will look in 2020. The new Barbie collection will have at least 14 new fashionable Barbie dolls. Dolls will display different images, characters and social layers. In addition to fashion dolls, there will be a doll with prostheses, a bald doll (in support of girls with serious illnesses), a doll with Vitiligo syndrome, as well as dolls with pink, red hair, blacks and types of appearance. Barbie introduces three new body types: seductive, petite, and tall. Ken gets new body types and a wide variety of features, including ghoul hairstyles, braids and freckles. More variety of hairstyles, hair texture, and exciting fashion styles.

barbie fashionistas
ken fashionistas

Barbie Signature – Barbie Ballerina and Barbie Birthday 2020.

All the girls in the world love ballet and want to be ballet dancers. Each year, Mattel releases a ballerina doll. 2020 is no exception. This is a collectible doll in a delicate pink bundle, the hair is gathered in a bob, the crown adorns the hairstyle. Arms and legs of Barbie ballerinas are mobile.

Barbie Ballet Wishes

Another collectible doll is Barbie Birthday Wishes. Her outfit is in delicate colors. A long puffy dress, light shoes and a bracelet complete the look. There are pink earrings in the ears, the hairstyle is a high ponytail and manicure on the hands. These Barbie Signature dolls are amazing! They will perfectly complement your Barbie collection.

barbie birthday
barbie birthday wishes
barbie birthday doll

Barbie Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

This year, the Mattel company will not be left out of the sporting life of the world – they produce dolls for athletes participating in the Olympic Games. Will be Barbie surfing, karate, skateboarding and rock climbing. All Barbie Tokyo dolls will be sold in special uniforms with sports equipment and a T-shirt with the Tokyo 2020 logo.

Meditating Barbie.

“Breath with me”. Barbie dolls are created not only for the opportunity to play, but also have a social function – they introduce children to useful habits. This doll should become a true friend and inspire your daughter to learn how to relax and rest in meditation. This Barbie has a backlight and it is voiced for a complete immersion in the atmosphere of meditation. By clicking on the Barbie necklace one of the meditation modes is activated.

Choose whichever you prefer and breathe. The doll is dressed in comfortable blue leggings and a T-shirt (the cloud on the T-shirt glows). Barbie has 15 points of articulation, which allows her to give her different poses. In the set you will find a puppy and 4 clouds of Barbie emotions – sadness, joy, love, anger. Insert them into the puppy’s head depending on the emotions of the doll.

barbie breathe with me
Breathe with Me Barbie 1
Breathe with Me Barbie

Surprise Pets Barbie.

Everyone loved toys-surprises. Therefore, Mattel released not only Barbie surprise dolls, but also pets for them. Surprises are hidden in pink capsules of hearts. in it you will find two pets at once. In the first series of Barbie pets collectible you can come across cute puppies and two cats – a total of 18 pets in the collection. Each pet is velvet, there is a shiny one (it is very rare). They are different, but all Barbie pets are very cute. Collect them all for a complete collection.

barbie pets mini figure
barbie pets colloctible mini figure
Breathe with Me Barbie doll

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