L.O.L Surprise! Winter Disco, L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L Surprise! Winter Disco Chalet 95+surprises NEW LOL Doll House + L.O.L Surprise! OMG Wave 2

Photos and announcements of the release of new winter dolls LOL Surprise already appear on the network! L.O.L Surprise! OMG wave 2.

L.O.L Surprise! Winter Disco Chalet on sale now!

lol surprise winter disco chalet 3

More photos and info about LOL Surprise Chalet below in the article.


So, the LOL Surprise 2019 holiday season will be dedicated to the winter series of discos. And if you like new LOL OMG dolls, then we have good news for you – there will be more LOL Surprise OMG dolls and there will be LOL OMG dolls wave 2 and LOL OMG doll – Crystal Star.


This winter will shine with surprises LOL Surprise! OMG wave 2. And collectible fashion doll – Crystal Star – a fairy tale for fans and lovers of LOL Surprise!

Shiny crystal queen in crystals from head to toe. She has stunning pink hair with shiny highlights, shiny eyeshadows and crystal cheeks. Her outfit is a silver jumpsuit with crystals and a full skirt. And stylish accessories emphasize that she is a real queen, with crystal tiara, platform shoes, earrings, a belt and a handbag. She is ready for her appearance in the spotlight because she enters a flickering scene illuminated by a fabulous disco ball.

lol surprise omg crystal star

lol surprise omg crystal star doll

lol surprise OMG cristal star

LOL OMG Fashion Dolls Series 2 – LOL dolls whose height is greater than that of ordinary LOL dolls and sisters, but have all the features and characteristics of LOL dolls. These dolls are thematically decorated like ordinary LOL dolls, in the same style and even sell together with a younger sister.

At the same time, LOL OMG brings new and interesting ideas to the LOL universe.

If your baby is fond of Barbie dolls, she probably adores LOL OMG dolls.

LOL OMG dolls come in pink and blue boxes. Box – packaging also serves as a dressing room for doll clothes.

Unlike many other LOL dolls, in LOL OMG the doll that is shown on the packaging will come across to you. Therefore, pay attention to the box you are buying to make sure that you get the OMG doll that your baby wants.
The name of the doll is located below, on the front left side of the box.

Series 2 LOL OMG (like series 1) has 4 girls who are sold with many accessories for a more fun game. We recommend buying all 4 dolls so that the LOL doll fan gets a lot of fun mixing and matching clothes to create new doll images.

We showed OMG dolls below in large size so you can view the details.

So here is a list of new characters LOL OMG doll:

LOL Surprise OMG Dollie and sister doll Face

lol surprise omg winter disco dollie fashion doll

lol surprise omg winter disco dollie 1
lol surprise omg winter disco dollie

LOL Surprise OMG Winter Disco Cosmic NOVA Fashion doll and Cosmic Queen

lol surprise omg winter disco cosmic nova fashion doll lol surprise omg winter disco cosmic nova

lol surprise omg winter disco cosmic nova 1

LOL OMG Winter Disco Holiday Surprise 24K DJ and DJ

lol surprise omg winter disco 24k d j

lol surprise omg winter disco 24k dj

lol surprise omg winter disco 24k dj fashion doll

– LOL OMG Winter Disco SNOWLICIOUS and Snow Queen


lol surprise omg winter disco snowlicious fashion doll lol surprise omg winter disco snowlicious

lol surprise omg winter disco snowlicious 1




To avoid confusion, we want to clarify that LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Dolls are older sisters for other LOL dolls, not moms.

All LOL OMG dolls look like us popular doll from previous series and are sold with them in a set.

The packing of LOL OMG should take place in a certain order so that you can save the box, because this is a closet and dressing room. Unpacking stages of LOL OMG Fashion:

Remove the tape from the top and bottom of the box. Usually it is on the left side of the box.
Slide the cover to the right using the arrow.
Pull right to see the doll in the wardrobe.
Carefully open the dressing room door like a real door. Remember to leave the left side untouched so that your baby can close it again.
Now you can open all the gift boxes and paper, because they are reusable.

These are magnificent dolls, therefore surprises are also magnificent and there are a lot of them. Here’s what your baby can expect from unpacking. The content of surprises is slightly different depending on the doll.

  1. Fashion magazine with a horoscope
  2. Blazer
  3. Pants or skirt
  4. Accessory box
  5. Earrings
  6. Glasses or headset or hat
  7. Belt
  8. Necklaces
  9. Bracelets
  10. Hair brush
  11. Shoebox
  12. Footwear
  13. Purse
  14. 2 hangers
  15. 2 Clothing bags
  16. Bathing suit or outerwear
  17. Doll
  18. Doll stand

LOL OMG dolls are about 10 inches tall (much taller than regular LOL babies). They are slightly lower than Barbie dolls, whose height is 11.5 inches.

LOL OMG dolls have flexible arms and legs (knees). They will be tough at first, but you have to click on them several times to warm them.
For LOL OMG dolls, some Barbie clothes may be suitable for size. And the hands come off for easy dressing.

MGA Entertainment is very focused on the details of the dolls.
Dolls LOL OMG:
Painted nails
Each doll has detailed realistic fingers. Сompare the fingers of the dolls OMG and Barbie

omg lol doll nails
Fashion magazine has an astrological sign of a doll and a horoscope
Surprises are packed in places as in reality (for example, shoes in a shoe box)
A shoe box looks like a real shoe box from a store
Uniquely decorated paper is in the shoe box and accessory box
In the locker room there is a working mirror (you need to remove the film) and a door.

Where to buy lol omg dolls?

You can chek the price of LOL OMG doll on Amazon.

Here is the new LOL Surprise Chalet and probably the most sought-after toy in 2019 – LOL Surprise Winter Disco house – Chalet

lol surprise winter disco chalet 2

lol surprise winter chalet 3

lol surprise winter chalet 7


lol surprise winter disco chalet 5 lol surprise winter disco chalet 1

And LOL Surprise Winter Disco Chalet will also ship with other new exclusive LOL Surprise dolls – the so-called Hysky LOL Surprises – ICE ICE Family. There will be a new husky pet (Ice Ice Husky), a husky (Ice Ice BB) and a new LOL Surprise boy – Ice Ice Boy Boy.

lol surprise winter disco chalet 4

lol surprise winter disco chalet ice ice family

LOL Surprise  Winter Disco Chalet will give you exceptional gaming pleasure. Equipped with a lighted fireplace, a small family ice rink (provided by the LOL family), a water slide and a secret folding roof terrace, and the snow from the roof is falling, this creates a winter atmosphere in the room. You can also place large OMG dolls. Requires 15xLR44 and 3xLR41 batteries (included).

lol surprise winter disco chalet 8

A huge lol dollhouse – L.O.L Surprise! Winter Disco Chalet is waiting for you!

  • Its dimensions are 2.85 + feet high, 3 + feet wide!
  • More than 95 surprises inside! You will find a fascinating unpacking and assembly of the dollhouse.
  • Many 360-degree play areas: a working ski lift, Light Up ICE, an ice rink, a hot tub, a staircase that turns into a water slide and other surprises.
  • Snow chimney that creates snowfall!
  • Exclusive family
  • 6 large rooms with accessories and furniture!

The set will have some interesting features. For example, some of its parts will have a backlight, for example, a lightweight skating rink.

lol surprise winter chalet 6


lol surprise winter- discochalet 7

lol surprise winter disco chalet 1

And from the pipe you can make snowfall.

lol surprise chalet 3 lol surprise chalet 1 lol surprise chalet

LOL Surprise Winter Chalet is a new and huge house for LOL dolls. It has almost a hundred surprises. The chalet has three floors, six rooms, transforming furniture and the exclusive LOL family. Also included is artificial snow.

lol surprise winter disco chalet 10

lol surprise winter chalet 5

LOL Surprise Chalet is a very durable and comfortable house for your LOL dolls. All details are thought out, starting from the fireplace, which burns and ending with a working elevator for raising dolls of skiers. In this house you will find:

  • fridge
  • work drawers for shoe cabinet
  • disco ball
  • many soft cozy blankets and pillows
  • small pink animal skin (carpet)
  • chairs look like ice
  • ice table
  • small tables
  • small toilet (with sound effect)
  • a bunch of moving blocks
  • the fire
  • 2 soft armchairs
  • colorful table
  • two small cozy beds
  • two large comfortable beds.

lol surprise winter disco chalet 2

There is also a work lift.

lol surprise winter disco chalet 3

More Photos L.O.L Surprise!  Winter Disco Chalet.

lol surprise winter disco chalet 6

The LOL boy and the LOL  doll can change color in the water.

Nobody expected this – below the house is a special ice rink and even a jacuzzi with ice. You only need to pour water into containers and put the ice rink for a while in the refrigerator so that the water freezes and turns into ice.

Thus, you get a real skating rink. Thanks to the special skates that are also included, all members of your new family can organize competitions at the rink and have fun.

lol surprise winter disco chalet 5


lol surprise winter disco chalet 4


lol surprise winter disco chalet 3

Unpacking Lol Surprise snow bus.
Inside the box is a wooden heavy bus. But besides LOL dolls, your kid has a lot of gifts and surprises in the bus:

  • bags with artificial snow. It needs to be filled in a special opening of the house. The system will work and you can feel the atmosphere of winter, as in the picture at home
  • new LOL family (doll LOL +  LOL boy + cat pet)
  • special transforming furniture.
    All surprises are hidden in suitcases. And wrapping paper with the LOL Surprise logo and images of many surprises and accessories looks very cute.

lol surprise winter chalet -2 lol surprise winter disco chalet 1

The Lol Surprise Chalet is two-story. On the ground floor there are 2 rooms and a large terrace with a pool and dance floor. On the second floor there are 2 living rooms.

lol surprise winter chalet 1

There is also a functional attic. The attic is equipped with a large balcony, one room and an elevator, with which you can go down to the first floor. The doll house is made in beautiful, cute, bright colors with light and sound effects.

lol surprise winter chalet

Where to buy LOL Surprise Winter Disco Chalet? So far, the game set has not yet appeared in stores. As soon as it appears on the network, we will provide you with links!

Discription LOL Surprise Chalet:

Manufacturer: MGA
Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 2.85+ FT Tall, 3 + FT Wide
Regular price: ~$250 (Assumption)
Start of sales: September 15, 2019
Where to Buy? Amazon, Target, Walmart
Item Code: 562207
Characters: 3
Item Weight ——

Also good news is that the LOL Surprise Winter Disco series is coming soon! There will be new winter- themed LOL Surprise dolls!

LOL Surprise Glitter Globe Winter Disco 1


Lol Surprise! Glitter Globe click here.

L.O.L Surprise! LILs Winter Disco here.

Lol Surprise Fluffy Pets.

We will add links as soon as they are listed on the Internet. Keep this page and check from time to time, we will also announce it on our Instagram – surprise_dolls_lol.

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      on our website in the section Glitter Globe link to Amazon

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