Older sisters Hairdorables – Hairamazing

hairmazing hairdorables

This year, the older sisters of LOL Surprise – LOL Surprise OMG conquered the puppet world. The Just Play company, which produces Nairdorables surprise dolls, also decided to keep up and create surprise dolls, which will grow like classic dolls and will be called Hairamazing.

These are dolls with beautiful outfits and many accessories, and the main highlight of this Hairdorables series will be the huge earrings of each doll. Well, and most importantly, these dolls, of course, have their bright, stylish, incredible hairstyles!

Do you already have a favorite character?

Harmony Big Sister
hairmazing harmony She has a handbag in the form of a guitar, multi-colored tights and huge earrings-rings. Older sister DEE-DEE. The whole image of delicate Marshmallow flowers, large round earrings and a cute smiley handbag.
hairmazing dee dee Unicorn’s older sister Willow. Shoes and a unicorn hoop, rainbow fringed handbag and feather earrings.
hairmazing willow

And here is Noah’s older sister – a bright outfit, glasses, a handbag. Cool hairstyle and super cupcake shaped earrings.

hairmazing noah

hairmazing noah hairdorables

Each box from under the Hairdorables doll turns into a catwalk for fashion shows.

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