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OMG L.O.L. Surprise! Crystal Star – L.O.L. Surprise! Collector Edition 2019 + Singing Elsa from Frozen 2

This year, MGA Entertainment delighted us with the new LOL Surprise dolls! Namely – OMG Fashion dolls. Decoding OMG – outrageous millennial girls.

It means amazing dolls of the millennium! Indeed, OMG LOL dolls have become very popular. They differ from other dolls in figure, head-to-body proportions, bright unusual hairstyles, elaborate details (amazing makeup, elaborate fingers and manicure). These are also dolls surprises. Shoes, clothes and accessories are hidden in surprise bags and boxes. LOL OMG dolls are sold with coasters so that they fall to me. And their packaging box serves as a closet or dressing room for OMG LOL, so do not throw them away, they will come in handy in the game.

lol surprise crystal star 1 2

In 2019, two series of OMG LOL Surprise dolls were released.
In the first series of 4 dolls – Swag, Neonlicious, Lady Diva and Royal Bee. Read more about OMG LOL Surprise dolls here.

omg lol surprise

In autumn, the second OMG LOL DOLLS series was launched. In this series of 8 dolls – 4 older sisters OMG LOL and 4 younger sisters – Dollie and her sister doll Face, Cosmic NOVA and Cosmic Queen, 24K DJ and DJ, SNOWLICIOUS and Snow Queen. Read more about OMG Winter Disco here.

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But in this article we will talk about the most coveted OMG LOL doll – Crystal Star.

We have prepared our review of this gorgeous doll!


lol surprise crystal star 2


Lady Crystal is sold in a transparent package, inside of which is an OMG doll. She stands on a stand of crystals. If you click on the crystal, the stand will glow in blue and create a sparkle for the OMG Crystal Star doll.

lol surprise crystal star 2 2

The glow is short-lived – only a couple of seconds.

lol surprise crystal star 10

The doll has an incredible shiny outfit, like the snow queen! Silver jumpsuit, all in sequins, with sleeves lanterns, and leggings decorated with ice. Necklace on the neck, on the head a shiny crown with pearls and silver ice. The hair is pink, loose and wavy.

lol surprise crystal star 14

lol surprise crystal star 13

A fluffy velcro skirt makes the outfit special and chic! Pink on top, shiny sequins on the back. By the way, the skirt is two-sided, you can change the image and create more elegant.

The manicure is simply incredible, as all OMG LOL dolls have very well-developed doll fingers and manicure. This is amazing! Makeup – blue shadows, pink lips with sparkles and pastes on the cheeks. And in the ears are crystal earrings.

High-heeled shoes emphasize the stateness of Crystal Star dolls. And a handbag, cut like a diamond, complements the image. The incredible image of the doll will not leave anyone indifferent.

Also, a disco ball or a chandelier comes with the doll. Or maybe it’s a Christmas tree decoration?

The kit comes with batteries for the stand, and then they can be replaced with new ones.

In connection with the release of the movie Frozen 2, we decided to compare the OMG LOL doll Crystal Star and Elsa. Because so many people think that Crystal is Elsa.

Frozen 2 was created by Disney, which means the original doll Elsa Disney. There are many types of Elsa dolls released, in different outfits, with different accessories and friends from the movie.

We liked the Singing Elsa the most.

elsa singing doll frozen

Here is a link to the rest of the Frozen 2 toys.

lol surprise crystal star 19


Elsa sing the song “Into the unknown.” You just need to turn her brush and enjoy the chorus of this song.

Elsa doll looks like a classic Disney princess. The proportions of her body are close to standard. Elsa Disney doll is much higher than OMG Crystal Star.

lol surprise crystal star 26

Elsa has big eyes, thin lips in lipstick. Dressed Elsa in a long dress with a long sleeve, with a belt. Back loop. The outfit is decorated with snowflakes and sparkles. And on his feet are high boots, in snowflakes. Hair is classically braided in a braid. Nails and fingers are not so worked out.

lol surprise crystal star 20 lol surprise crystal star 23 lol surprise crystal star 22

lol surprise crystal star 25

The stand is not for sale with the doll, and Elsa cannot stand.

Of accessories there is nothing more. In our opinion, Elsa Disney looks simpler than OMG Crystal Star. And who do you like more?

lol surprise crystal star 28

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