Oonies – Inflator Starter Pack

oonies 4

oonies starter pack oonies starter pack 1

Novelty in the world of toys! Game set – the designer for the creation of toys from balls – Oonies.

Just inflate the balls in the station, glue them together (without the aid of glue), decorate with accessories and play!

oonies starter pack 2

In the photo, the main set of the station, and additionally sold balls with accessories to create more toys.

oonies 5  oonies 3 oonies 2 oonies 1 oonies

  • Oonies stick to almost any surface, which means that they can be fun to play, throw, create costumes and just burst.
  • Challenge between friends with fun games and quests using Oonies!
  • The set will allow the child to develop their imagination, creativity, and also have fantastic time
  • Accessories can be used again and again, which makes it possible to create new crafts

For a child of children!

Most importantly – beware of fakes, they are enough to spoil the impression of the game. The balls in them are poorly glued, quickly hold away the form. You can distinguish them above by name. Original – Oonies. Fakes – Onnis, Onoises, Oonise, and so on.

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