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The whole world is fighting a pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus. Almost the entire population of planet Earth is in self-isolation, quarantine. In addition to doctors who save the lives of patients with a severe form of this virus. Of course, the global crisis has affected and will affect all levels of business and every person on the planet, but let’s not forget about helping doctors in hospitals that risk their health and life, saving us. Let each of us in every city in the world think about how it can help in the fight against a pandemic, thereby we will bring its end to a close.

A huge number of companies (regional and world-famous) donate millions of dollars to help hospitals and doctors in all countries.

Since this site is about dolls, we also want to write about the company MGA Entertaiment – the manufacturer of LOL Surprise dolls, which directed its efforts to fight Covid-19 and help doctors. Their charity event is called PAC-MAN Operation MGA.

On the official website of the company published all the information for those who need help and want to help.

Operation Pac Man

“Nothing is Permanent, even massive tsunamis and earthquakes subside and die down. So will Covid-19.” – Isaac Larian, CEO of MGA Entertainment.

Let us help in our country, in our city, doctors, hospitals, elderly people to all who are not at all easy at this time of world quarantine and a pandemic. And, then, we will bring the end of this global crisis even faster.

We wish you happiness and continue to tell you about LOL Surprise dolls and other popular dolls.

  1. Im wondering where I can purchase this phd bb doll??? I dont see information for buying it anywhere online. Only people reselling them. Id like to purchase new if possible. Thank you

    1. Administrator says:

      LOL Surprise MGAE Cares dolls orders are available on the website of the MGA.

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