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Barbie Glam Getaway House

Barbie glam house

Barbie glam house 2

Barbie house is one of the most desirable gifts for a girl. If there is no opportunity to buy and store a huge house for Barbie, the manufacturer offers various options for folding portable houses. Barbie Glam Getaway House is one of them.


This house for Barbie is easy and convenient to fold and unfold. It is convenient to store furniture and home accessories when folded inside the house.

Complete with the house you will find special stickers with which you will create a beautiful Barbie house design


Barbie dog is also a sticker that is very realistic.


Handle on the roof of the house – for easy carrying. As you can see, the folded house takes up very little space. Let’s open it.Barbie glam house

Opening the Barbie house we see a pretty kitchen, a lovely bedroom and a compact bathroom for Barbie dolls.BARBIE DOLL HOUSE 21 BARBI DOLL HOUSE 17 BARBIE-DOLL HOUSE 11 BARBIE DOLL HOUSE 8 The kit is attached to the house for Barbie a lot of parts and accessories, as always at Mattel, everything is thought out in the details. Your Barbie doll will love this house. In the kitchen you will find two fashionable chairs, a set of appliances for two, a kettle, a stewpan, glasses. The table in the kitchen unfolds and the hob turns into a dining table. In the bedroom – a fold-out bed, with a pillow, which depicts the Barbie logo and a blanket. There is an opening bedside table, on or in which you can store all the necessary things Barbie dolls – hair dryer, a vase with flowers, a hairbrush, perfume, an alarm clock.

When the doll wakes up, it folds the bed and it turns out just a bedside table, on which you can also put the doll’s accessories. Decorates the bedroom fashion chandelier. The bathroom has a folding toilet, towel, mirror, shower. The Barbie doll can exit or enter the house through the opening door. The facade of the house and furniture are decorated with stickers that come with the Barbie house.

BARBIE DOLL HOUSE 24 BARBIE DOLL HOUSE 23 BARBIE DOLL HOUSE 22 Doll, puppy, Barbie shoes are not included.

Enjoy your games! Write what house do you have or what would you like to buy?

I would like to tell you about another portable house for Barbie dolls, with a pool and a doll in the kit.

barbie doll house

Discover this compact Barbie house for a fun game. A convenient handle on the roof of the house allows you to carry it and take it with you on the road. Just hide the accessories, they may fall out of the windows of the house.

house-for-barbie doll

Barbie doll in a floral dress and ballet shoes is included. And on the lawn near the house, put a pool of water for relaxation.

barbie doll house with doll 2

In this house, Barbie has three rooms – a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. The bed, toilet and bar counter are laid out.

Accessories of this Barbie house:

barbie doll house with doll

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