Outdoors toys and active games in summer – Top 10

zuru bunch o balloons amazon

In the summer of 2020 everyone wants to have a rest and spend time actively. However, not everyone can fly to the beach this summer.

Children in summer want to spend time outside actively and for as long as possible. After all, the weather pleases every day with its warmth. Active games contribute to the development of large motor skills, sensory skills, imagination, balance and coordination.

Outdoor games for children must be connected with water, running, jumping and swimming.

I offer a selection of goods and toys for a summer holiday in the outdoor Check out and choose what is right for you.

Active outdoor games are the development and fun of your child.

Everyone who has children needs toys and products for open air. Provide your child with physical activity in the summer with these products.

1. Family Inflatable swimming pool

family swimming pool

Of course, this is the first position on our list, because in the heat without a pool in the yard in no way! An inflatable pool solves the problem of swimming in the summer, if there is no sea and a stationary pool in the yard.

An inflatable pool is needed even if you plan to go to the sea or ocean.

Once you have installed an inflatable pool in the yard, you can every day with the children or yourself cool, have fun, dive and temper!

Akaho Pool is a high-quality, thickened family pool. On the Amazon store website you can find out the exact characteristics and types of the pool. It can be with or without a roof. Several variants.

swimming pool

Most importantly, this Akaho inflatable pool is safe for children – a thick inflatable bottom does not allow cold, a non-slippery bottom, so that the child does not fall.

Enjoy the summer, play and fun with the inflatable pool.

The inflatable pool for the whole family can be used as a sandbox or a play area with balls for kids.

For safety reasons, do not let children swim in the pool alone. And protect yourself from the sun.

Any pump is suitable for inflating an Akaho pool; a closed valve does not let air through.

2. Zuru Bunch O Balloons 

Toty award winning super toy. This is a Must Have toy in the summer! Wherever you are, you need her. Zuru is a well-known toy manufacturer and they know how to please children.

Our site has an overview of their surprise toys – 5 surprises Zuru.

Zuru Bunch O Balloons – super game for fun in the fresh air! You can play water balls with your family or friends! There is no minimum number of players with Zuru Bunch O Balloons. You can even play together!

zuru bunch o balloons 330 water balloons

These Zuru Bunch O Balloons are easy to fill with water at the same time, you don’t need to tie it, just grab the balls and throw them at each other!

zuru bunch o balloons
zuru bunch water balloons
zuru bunch o balloons 330 balloons
zuru bunch balloons

3. My First Flybar – Foam Bungee Pogo

Jumper Pogo My First Flybar – a stick for jumping.

foam pogo jumper

The main development for children is movement and in order to move and jump it was even more interesting, I suggest you buy My First Flybar – Pogo foam jumper for children A fun and safe stick made of foam.

foam and bungee jumper

When jumping foamy bungee makes funny sounds.

You can jump barefoot or in shoes, My First Flybar jumper for children from three to 12 years old. The handle is height adjustable. This toy perfectly develops coordination, great motor skills and gives vivacity and fun in your home everyday life.

You can jump on a Pogo stick at home and on the street, yourself or in the company of friends.
The Pogo foam jumper should definitely appear in your child.

foam pogo jumper for kids
foam pogo jumper flybar

4. Children’s Sprinkler Pool – SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler for Kids

Children’s pool with watering for children – SplashEZ 3 in 1, Splash Pad.

SplashEZ sprinkler for Kids

If you have small children, your own courtyard and you want to cool off in the heat, in addition to the pool, a deep pool with irrigation and fountains is not suitable for you.

The bottom of such a pool can be with an educational element, that is, the bottom is painted with an alphabet or objects for studying flowers, shapes or animals.

splash pool for kids

Sprayer for children SplashEZ 3 in 1 is a safe analogue of an inflatable pool, with which you can not worry and do not follow the child. a fun way to cool off, get to know the water in the courtyard of your house.

SplashEZ 3 in 1 is an inflatable pool for children from 12 months.

Made from safe materials.

It is advisable to put an inflatable pool with a sprinkler in the shade or put on a child’s hat, for safety in the sun.

The SplashEZ 3-in-1 swimming pool with sprinklers is an excellent development of sensory training through playing and cooling in the heat on your own lawn.

Just draw water, adjust the power of the streams and enjoy the game in the pool. Your family will have a great time outdoors.

splash sprinkler pool

5. Play Tent – Princess Castle

fox print princess castle tent

At all times, children love to build huts, houses from chairs and blankets for games. But you can buy a ready-made toy castle in which you can hide, relax, play with friends.

The game tent of the princess castle is an excellent gift for games in the fresh air. You can hide from the sun, relax or play tea.

The tent lock is easy to fold and convenient to store. You can put both in the house and on the lawn.

In size, the Princess Castle tent is suitable for both kids and girls under 10 years old. You can even try to put mom!

princess castle play tent

The peculiarity of this pink castle for the princess is that this tent can glow in the dark, like a starry sky.

Castle Play Tent with Glow in The Dark Stars

6. Bobor Trampoline Sprinkler

Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids
Trampoline Sprinkler

To ensure an active rest for the child in the yard, it’s enough to buy a trampoline with a water spray.

The spray hose connects to the trampoline and adds fun to the jumps. You jump on a trampoline, and water pours on you from all sides.

A trampoline water sprinkler cools the temperature of the trampoline to 25 degrees.

The hose is durable and secured away from children’s hands. It is very easy to connect to the trampoline. Suitable for trampolines of all sizes.

This sprayer can be used not only for trampoline, but also for watering the garden, outdoor cooling, and so on.

Bobor Trampoline -Sprinkler for Kids

7. Piano mat Click N ‘Play

An excellent developing activity for all children is dancing. And if you combine dancing with playing the piano, you get a huge musical mat – the piano. Just dance and create your own melody.

Click N Play Gigantic Keyboard Play Mat

The ideal toy for active games of children from 2 years – touch music mat.

Create a melody with a dance.

There are 4 modes in the Click N ‘Play Gigantic mat – recording, playback, playback and demonstration.

Your baby can choose from 8 musical sounds: guitar, clarinet, piano, trumpet, violin, saxophone, xylophone and banjo.

Record your tune and then play it back.

Keyboard Play Mat

Requires batteries, not included.

The Click N ‘Play Gigantic Keyboard Music Mats are suitable for outdoor and home play. There are no weight restrictions. Play and dance with pleasure one at a time and with friends!

8. Pool mattress 4 in 1

When going to the pool or the sea, do not forget to bring a mattress for swimming.

Both adults and children need a pool mattress for more fun and relaxation.

pool float

This multi-purpose hammock for the pool (chair, deck chair, hammock, drifter) is easy to fold, fits in a bag, it is convenient to take with you. Relax with a hammock in the water. Just put on a sun hat.

pool float in 1

9. Water guns HITOP

You will definitely need water pistols for active outdoor play in the summer.

water guns hitop

Choose guns with normal water supply so as not to fill it too often.

Buy a minimum of two water pistols for a fun game.

Pick up the water and start firing.

Playing with water pistols will make your children run, as well as give fun and cool on a hot day.

Water pistols are a great budget toy for active play in the yard.

water guns blaster hitop

10. Water beads

water beads pack

These water beads, balls are multifunctional, they can be used both in the game and in creativity.

Buying a large can of Elongdi Water Beads Pack Rainbow Mix will give you and your child a lot of fun to play.

Playing with water balls your child will smile for hours, develop sensory feelings. Pour water balls into any container, pour water and enjoy the game.

they can also be used for plant care, water beads are good for moisture retention. Bamboo
the plants can handle the water beads better than the soil.

Elongdi water balls are biodegradable and made of safe materials.

Thousands of uses for water balls: learning colors, counting, fine motor skills and training your imagination.

Water beads are suitable not only for children, but also for adults. Ideal for central decorations, any floral design, weddings, home or plant decoration, filling vases, parties with showers, etc. Д.

water gel beads
water gel pack

I hope you were interested to see the toys for active play in the open air!

I’ll definitely buy myself half of them! 🙂

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