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party popteenies series 1 We knew it, as soon as LOL Surprise Series 3 Confetti Pop came out, other toy makers would want to make the same dolls. After all, children love confetti and surprises. One of the latest toys using this concept is Party Popteenies. Popteenies parties unite dolls, confetti, cute and funny parties in one toy, in which your baby will play with pleasure again and again. If your child likes LOL and Shopkins dolls, these dolls are worth a look. Here is our guide to parents on the Party Popteenies 1 series.

1. Party Popteenies are party crackers that have a doll.
Yes, yes, a safe party clapper, from which confetti and the doll itself fly out. And there are accessories for the doll.

2. Party Popteenies – this is an unexpected toy.
Dolls and surprise toys are very popular now. As with other real surprise toys, with Party Popteenies:

You do not know what kind of doll you get.
There are bags with surprises.
There is a surprise effect from unpacking.
For surprise toys, unpacking is just as important as what’s inside, so be excited when your little one opens it.

3. Popteenies dolls are collectible (of course).
Collectible toys are very popular now. So, of course, Party Popteenies are collectible. Supposedly, there are 25+ dolls in series 1. Each Popteenie party comes with a collector’s poster so that your baby can keep track of the ones she has. Since Popteenies parties are unexpected toys, you may be disappointed if your kid starts trying to collect them.

You are most likely to receive duplicates, and you may feel that this is a waste of money. If your baby needs more than 1 Party Popteenie, we recommend purchasing a set of 6 Party Popteenie. It holds 6 different batches. She will not know which of them she gets, but they are all guaranteed to be different. Buy it in advance and give her one by one for her birthday, Christmas, good grades … you get the idea.

4. As part of Party Popteenies Series 1, there are 3 variations.
These are various theme parties that your baby can arrange. Here are the themes of the party: Cute Rainbow Unicorn Surprise Winter Wonderland Surprise Dolls and accessories are consistent with the theme. For example, everyone in the unit Rainbow Unicorn Surprise have a rainbow, unicorns, or both. You can’t buy Party Popteenies by topic … it’s a surprise! If your kid also likes LOL dolls, the party theme for Party Popteenies is like a LOL doll popteenie dolls 1

5. Do not pull on top of the crackers!
It is at the top of the doll and, in order to unpack it, you need to twist the base from the bottom. Otherwise spoil the surprises! Watch the video first.

6. Party Popteenies are small dolls with even smaller accessories.
Party Popteenies are small plastic dolls. They are approximately 2.5 inches smaller than LOL dolls, which are about 3.5 inches. Inside the crackers, your baby will receive: 1 doll 1 hair accessory (for a doll) 1-2 accessories for a gameparty popteenie doll Hair accessories can be hats, headbands, flowers or bows and may vary depending on the doll. Hair accessories are the only replaceable items on Party Popteenies. Party supplies can be bags, muffins, plates, cookies, baking sheets, pets, etc. Basically, little things suitable for the theme of the party. For your information, these accessories are tiny. The name “popteenie” seems like fun marketing until you realize that “teenie” is real. Many of these pieces are tiny. Since there are so many tiny pieces, we think that holiday parties are best suited for children over 5 years old. When you are not playing with tiny pieces, put them in a large plastic bag so that accessories are out of reach of younger brothers and sisters.

7. Party Popteenie crackers and refillable confetti.

8. Don’t compare them to LOL dolls.

If you are used to LOL dolls, Party Popteenies may seem a little disappointing. The doll in the set is quite small. There is only 1 interchangeable accessory. There is no character development with different dolls. But Party Popteenies have their merits … They are perfect for parties, parties and traveling girls. Popteenies parties, if you buy them in bulk, are inexpensive enough to become a reliable party bag. Each doll is unique enough to hope to entertain your little ones for a while. They are also small enough to be put in a bag and taken as a summer trip.

9. Buy a set for the game or 6 packs.
Individual prices for Party Popteenies vary and are rarely worth it. Instead, we recommend buying 6 packs and rationing them (you can always give the rest to other children on birthdays) or buy a play set. party popteenies 6 pack

Party POPteenies dolls are ideal for children’s parties, but not for everyday play.

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