Pomsies Pets – 2019!

pomsis toy nosit na ruke

pomsies toy

skyrocket pomsies

At first there were Hatchimals and Fingerlings, and now there are Pomsies. The newest interactive “pets” – Skyrocket fluffy balls-cats! Portable Pomsies have an adjustable tail, so they can hang anywhere — for example, you can wrap them around your wrists or hang them on a backpack.

pomsies toy 3

When you touch the Pomsies, they react as if they were alive. There are up to 50 different sound reactions to the movements of affection, hugging and tickling. The first edition of the Pomsies comes in different pastel colors and has amazing names (Blossom, Boots, Sherbert, Speckles, Snowball, Patches и Pinky).

pomsies blosom
pomsies pinky
Pomsies Pinky
pomsies snowball
Pomsies Snowball
pomsies boots
Pomsies Boots
pomsies speckles
Pomsies Speckles
pomsi sidnej
Pomsies Koala Sydney
pomsi lulu
Pomsies Lulu Puppy
pomsi drakon zoi
Pomsies Dragon Zoey
pomsi luna
Pomsies Luna
pomsi kali
Pomsies Kali
pomsies stardust
Pomsies Stardust
pomsies sherbert
Pomsies Sherbet
pomsies patches
Pomsies Patches

When you click on the Pomsies nose, it comes to life thanks to the attached battery tester (but you will want to change it to a new AAA battery so that it works interactively). The best part of these toys is that their eyes light up in different colors to show their mood. Kids love to find out how their pet robot feels and cares for them. Teal means “happy”, blue means “sick”, green means “hiccups”, yellow means “hungry”, “pink” means “stupid”, and if you get rainbow eyes, it means that he is very happy.

pomsies toy 2 pomsies toy 1

When you caress the cat’s back, he purrs. You feed him by holding his mouth, but be careful. Too much feeding causes hiccups! You can even make your cat farting – just hold it by your mouth and back at the same time. If your pet’s eyes glow blue, then he is sick. Stop sneezing, tapping your nose or covering your mouth when you cough. Trembling? Hug your cat! Take care of your Pomsie, and you will be rewarded with shimmering eyes of the color of the rainbow. Each cat comes with a comb to make it always fluffy.

pomsies toy 4

When you finish caring for your Pomsie, take a break and have a dance party! To activate the stop-dance mode, hold your nose for 1.5 seconds and wait for the first whistle. When you hear a ringing sound, switch the Pomsie to music, but be ready to stop – when the whistle sounds again, it’s time to stop. Low price and collectible features make these weird cute little toys perfect for gifts. Stock up on birthdays and holidays, they are sure to be useful to you!

pomsis toy nosit na remne
pomsis toy nosit na ruke

pomsis na rukzak

In 2019, Skyrocket released the sequel to Pomsies pets – half the size of previous pets.

PomsiePoos Chewy
Pomsie Chewy
PomsiePoos Autumn
PomsiePoos Autumn
PomsiePoos Moon
Pomsie Moon
PomsiePoos Scout
Pomsie Scout
PomsiePoos Minty
PomsiePoos Minty
PomsiePoos Zoey
Pomsie Zoey
PomsiePoos Sydney
Pomsie Sydney
PomsiePoos Luna
Pomsie Luna
PomsiePoos Dash
Pomsie Dash
PomsiePoos Honey
Pomsie Honey
PomsiePoos Wrist Spot
Pomsie Spot

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