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Poopsie Claw Machine – slot machine with 4 slimes and 2 figures Cutie Tooties

poopsie claw machine

Poopsie Claw Machine Slime with Cutie Tooties surprises.

poopsie claw machine 3

Slot machine. With lighting effects.

In a set:

  • slot machine
  • 4 slimes
  • 2 Cutie Tooties Figures

poopsie claw machine 1

Throw 4 balls into the machine and control the claws to get them all.

poopsie claw machine 2

You will find surprises in them – slimes and game figures Cutie Tooties.

Very bright and interesting Poopsie Claw Machine Slime game set with Cutie Tooties surprises is the perfect gift for Poopsie Surprise lovers.

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