L.O.L. Surprise!

Puma*LOL Surprise new collection of shoes and T-shirts

PUMA lol surprise shoes

Great news for fans ofLOL Surprise! From November 2020 you can buy Puma LOL Surprise sneakers or T-shirts.

The most popular and favorite dolls of LOL Surprise are Diva and Queen Bee.

This means that sneakers and T-shirts Puma LOL Surprise made in the color range of these dolls.

PUMA LOL Surprise Diva Sneakers

Puma LOL Surprise sneakers – in pink and white color, with a leopard print.

puma lol Surprise diva sneaker

The cost of sneakers Puma Lol Surprise from 55 to 70 $, depending on size. At the moment you can buy them at us.puma.com.

L.O.L. Surprise PUMA diva sneaker

Sneakers PUMA LOL Surprise Sport Queen

puma lol surprise sneakers queen bee
lol-surprise-puma sneakers queen bee

The design of these sneakers is inspired by a doll Queen Bee. Therefore, it is black and gold shiny sneakers on a white platform.

LOL Surprise Puma T-shirts and Legions

Pick up your Puma outfit with your favorite LOL Surprise characters.

puma lol surprise outfit
puma lol surprise outfit 1
puma-lol surprise fashion t shirt

You can buy Puma LOL Surprise at the official website us.puma.com.

PUMA also produced Barbie sneakers and Barbie Puma collection dolls. Read about them here.

barbie puma 1

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