Rainbow High Amaya Raine – Tall Doll 24 inches (61 cm)

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Meet Rainbow High Amaya Raine Special Edition – fashionable favorite doll, height 24 inches (61 cm).

Rainbow High My Size is a big doll of your favorite character Amaya Raine.

rainbow high amaya raine characters

Now your favorite doll is getting bigger!

In October 2021, the Rainbow High Amaya Raine Special Edition will be on sale.

What’s new?

  • height 24 inches (61 cm)
  • new outfit (he’s alone)
  • new shoes
  • gold earrings, hairpins, belt and bracelet
  • a bag
  • jewelry for you (bracelets and ring)
  • 17 points of articulation for posing
rainbow high amaya raine large doll

She has long combed (14-inch) rainbow-colored hair, as well as a doll comb and hairpins, so you can create endless stylish hairstyles. The first time you unpack the doll, if you want to brush it, wash its hair thoroughly to remove the styling gel and let the hair dry completely. Her hair is then ready for combing and styling.
Decorate yourself and Amaya with her trendy pendant belt that can be used as a necklace! She also has the right accessories for you and her.

rainbow high amaya raine large doll
rainbow high-amayaraine large fashion doll accessories
rainbow high amaya raine large fashion doll

To get acquainted with the character of Rainbow High, watch the video on Youtube.

Read more and where to buy Rainbow High Amaya Raine.


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