Rainbow High Rainbow Vision World Tour Bus & Stage

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Go on tour for Rainbow Vision with the official Rainbow High World Tour & Stage Playset

The best of the best Art Schools from around the world will compete in an elite music high school competition, Rainbow Vision. Competitors from around the world will let their true colors shine in one epic battle to determine ONE WINNER. Play out the full storyline with the official Rainbow Vision Tour Bus & Stage playset. This playset is perfect to go on tour and set the stage for Rainbow Vision performance. Get the party started at the DJ Booth, set the stage, and glam up together at the vanity station. You can To buy Rainbow High Vision Playset Bus here

  • 4 in 1 AREAS OF PLAY: The World Tour Bus & Stage is 360 degrees play and can transform to multiple areas of play. Dressing room and vanity. Performance Stage that expands to 33” wide and 18” tall. DJ booth with adjustable speakers, laptop, and spinning table! This playset inspires creativity and endless play for your child.
  • IMAGINATVE PLAY: Bring rivalry between Rainbow High and Shadow High in your version of Rainbow Vision with this premium and modern playset. Your dolls drive the bus in style, perform live under the lights on the stage, host a DJ party with the DJ turn table, get dolled up at the light up vanity stage, or hang backstage. Customize and create with all the amazing pieces which include 14+ storytelling pieces.
  • TOUR BUS: Drive in style with the official Rainbow Vision World Tour Bus playset! This luxurious tour bus comes with a rotating driver seat that fits any Rainbow High or Shadow High Fashion doll. The driver’s seat is equipped with a seat belt, steering wheel, gas pedal, odometer, and navigation decals to play out the full experience. So, drive the stage to the band’s next destination. 6 working tires for a smooth ride.
  • PERFORMANCE STAGE: Transform your tour bus into a full Rainbow Vision Performance Stage! The scaffolds are adjustable and can expand to 18 inches high! And come with 4 real working spotlights that turn on and off with the touch of a button. Customize your favorite light setting with all four on top and or attach two on the bottom.
Rainbow High Rainbow Vision World Tour Bus & Stage

Rainbow High Vision dolls – Review 2022.


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