Rainbow High Slumber Party – Special Edition

rainbow high slumber party dolls Rainbow High

Meet the new collection of Rainbow High Slumber Party dolls. The new collection includes 3 new dolls: Marisa Golding, Robin Sterling, Brianna Dulce and accessories for pajama party.

Rainbow High Slumber Party dolls come with two outfits and pairs of shoes, with all the necessary accessories for a pajama party, including a cozy sleeping bag in which they can sleep, a pillow with an embroidered phrase, a bathrobe, playful slippers and an eye mask. This game set will bring endless joy to children and give them a creative narrative.

Marisa Golding Rainbow High Slumber Party doll

Marisa is a golden girl in the sporty style of street fashion, fond of high fashion. She wears a metallic gold and black satin robe with a screen-printed hood, a mesh top, satin boxers, socks, satin cat-shaped slippers with a graphic print, an eye mask and gold ring earrings. Her second outfit is a black tracksuit made of knitted fabric and fashionable platform sneakers.

Rainbow High Slumber Party doll Marisa Golding outfit

Robin Sterling Rainbow High Slumber Party doll

Robin is a famous Hollywood glamour with a classic chic style. She is wearing a robe made of georgette with fur trim and a satin white belt. White satin pajamas of two parts, lace socks, slippers in the shape of a rabbit, eye mask, necklace with a pendant in the form of a heart and earrings with diamonds made of white pearls. Her second outfit is a white top with ties on the front, satin blue pants with fur trim and fluffy fur heels.

Brianna Dulce Rainbow High Slumber Party doll

Brianna comes with two doll outfits with doll clothes, doll shoes and accessories for pajama party dolls in her signature pink chewing gum. Dress it up in each look, and then combine fashionable clothes and accessories for the party. Brianna loves chewing gum and everything pink. She is energetic, happy, cheerful and as animated as her passion for animation. She is wearing a pink terry robe with satin trim, a knitted T-shirt with a print, satin shorts with a print, socks, bear-shaped slippers, an eye mask and earrings with pink pearls. Her second outfit is a pink velour tracksuit, a t-shirt with a pattern and heels.

Which doll do you like the most?

There is information that Rainbow High Slumber Party can only be bought at Walmart. I hope they will be available in all stores.

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