Rainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Color Change Pool & Beach Playset
RAINBOW HIGH INSPIRES CREATIVITY & IMAGINATIVE PLAY: The beach is our playground at Pacific Coast, the most elite fine arts high school on the west coast.
rainbow high pacific coast dollsRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Pacific Coast new Fashion dolls – Review
Meet 6 new Rainbow High Pacific Coast dolls, release date – January 2022 RAINBOW HIGH INSPIRES CREATIVITY: Meet the students of Pacific Coast High
rainbow high teens dolls 2Rainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Junior High dolls
In the march of 2022 meet brand new Rainbow High Junior High dolls. Rainbow High Junior High – is a smaller version of the 6 main characters of the
Rainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Ultimate Jewelry Studio
Develop your child’s creativity and imagination with the Rainbow High Ultimate Jewelry Studio set Follow the rainbow to flawless fashion &
rainbow high rock star 9 episode 3Rainbow High Dolls
Rainbow high Rockstar dolls – Season 2 Episode 9
This Rainbow High episode is the first time we see the Rockstar girls. Do you want to know their voice, character and emotions? Which one is the leader of the team?
rainbow high chinese new year dollRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Chinese New Year – Collector Edition
Meet Rainbow High Year of The Tiger Chinese New Year Collector Doll. More fashion pieces and accessories, including backpack. RAINBOW HIGH CELEBRATES YEAR
rainbow high 6 pack dolls boxRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High 6-Pack Fashion Dolls set
Rainbow High is a modern fashion dolls brand that sparks imagination and encourages creativity. With Grit, Love, Action and Moxie (G.L.A.
rainbow high emi vandaRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High dolls series 3 Spring break
Rainbow High dolls of the third series are very beautiful, they did not have time to buy them yet, as they found Daria Roselyn and Emi Vanda dolls in a
rainbow high slumber party dollsRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Slumber Party – Special Edition
Meet the new collection of Rainbow High Slumber Party dolls. Rainbow High Slumber Party includes 3 new dolls: Marisa Golding, Robin Sterling, Brianna Dulce
rainbow high winter break dolls animated seriesRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Winter Break Animated series – video
Rainbow High Winter Break – a series of fashionable dolls, characters of the animated series, in the winter style. The Trailer for Rainbow High Winter
rainbow high amaya raine large dollRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Amaya Raine – Tall Doll 24 inches (61 cm)
Meet Rainbow High Amaya Raine Large doll – Special Edition fashion favorite doll. Her height 24 inches (61 cm). Rainbow High Amaya Raine My Runway Friend –
rainbow high rockstar dollsRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Rockstar dolls – Special Edition
Rainbow High Rockstar is a new collection of musician dolls. Available on October 3, 2021 RAINBOW HIGH INSPIRES CREATIVITY: The stage is set, and these
Rainbow High Twin Fashion DollsRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Twins Laurel & Holly De’Vious – Fashion Dolls, Special Edition
Meet the new fashion Rainbow High Twin dolls, Laurel & Holly De’Vious. Two fashion sisters, full of creativity and charisma. Meet the Rainbow
Rainbow High Fashion Closet 31 piecesRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Deluxe Fashion Closet – PlaySet 400+ Fashion Combinations!
Rainbow High Deluxe Fashion Closet Playset – Create over 400 fashion combinations for you dolls! Now it’s even more fun to play, the Deluxe
rainbow high collector doll jett dawsonRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Jett Dawson Collector Doll
Rainbow High Jett Dawson “Art of Fashion” – collector doll 2021 Jett Dawson – studied in Asia and is now a fashion and glamour
rainbow high episod 3 season 2Rainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Animated series – Season 2 Episode 3. The Jett Dawson
Rainbow High – modern fashion dolls with bright hairstyles and makeup. They attend Rainbow High fashion school. Each doll has its own talent and hobby.
rainbow high series 3 dollsRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Series 3 – 6 new dolls Daphne, Gabriella, Emi, Daria
Meet the Rainbow High dolls series 3  Fashion Dolls with 2 Outfits to Mix & Match and Doll Accessories, Great Gift and Toy for Kids.
Skyler bradshow rainbow high schoolRainbow High Dolls
Skyler Bradshaw – Rainbow High Student
Watch Skyler Bradshaw and her friends on the New Rainbow High Animated Series on YouTube! Classik never goes out of style Skyler is a talented fashion
rainbow high violet willowRainbow High Dolls
Violet Willow – Rainbow High school student
Watch the New Animated Series with Rainbow High Violet Willow on YouTube! Glamour. Luxe. Drama Violet Willow – diva of Rainbow High School.
rainbow high jade hunterRainbow High Dolls
Jade Hunter – student of Rainbow High shool
Watch Jade Hunter and her friends on the New Rainbow High Animated Series on YouTube! Maybe i’ll get a therapy tarantula. Just ’
sunny madison rainbow high schoolRainbow High Dolls
Sunny Madison – Rainbow High student
Watch Sunny Madison and her friends on the New Rainbow High Animated Series on YouTube! Sunny Madison is best at creating animation and even animated series
poppy rainbow highRainbow High Dolls
Poppy Rowan – Rainbow High Student
Watch Poppy Rowan and her friends on the New Rainbow High Animated Series on YouTube! Poppy Rowan, getting’ the beats goin. My look is always in rhythm.
rainbow high ruby anderson dollRainbow High Dolls
Ruby Anderson – A student of the Rainbow High school
Watch Ruby Anderson and her friends on the New Rainbow High Animated Series on YouTube! Ruby Anderson Rainbow High – is a fiery peppercorn girl.
rainbow high charactersRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High dolls animated series – Characters and Episode 1
Rainbow High is an animated series about the doll characters who attend Rainbow High. Starring: Ruby Anderson Jade Hunter Poppy Rowan Skyler Bradshaw Violet
Rainbow high color change car boxRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Color Change Car 8-in-1 Light-Up
Put your Rainbow High dolls in the Rainbow High 8-in-1 Light up Color Change Car and go to school or on a trip. this car the most fashionable convertible
Rainbow High dolls houseRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High House Playset 3-Story Doll house
Now the fashion Rainbow High dolls have a WOODEN MULTI-STORY HOUSE! It’s happening! The fully furnished Rainbow High Wood Doll House Playset is the
rainbow high winter break dollsRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Winter Break – Fashion dolls
Rainbow High Winter Break dolls – fan favorite dolls get a winter outfits and accessories. Available now! Collect the Rainbow this winter!
Valentine’s Edition Rainbow High Kia HartRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Kia Hart – Exclusive Special Valentine’s Edition fashion doll
MGAE knows how to make super fashionable dolls.Rainbow High dollsare very popular among girls. For Valentine’s Day you can buy an exclusive doll
rainbow surprise high fashion dollsRainbow High Dolls
NEW Rainbow High dolls – Amaya Raine, Bella Parker, Karma Nichols, River Kendall, Fuchsia, Indigo
New super popular Rainbow High dolls – 6 new looks! Ultra-bright fashion dolls with long hair, eyelashes and modern outfits! You’
Rainbow High Cheerleader DollsRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Cheer Dolls
The beloved Rainbow High dolls collection is now in a new style: the school cheerleading squad! Who are the Rainbow High dolls? MGAE fashion dolls are
Rainbow High Fashion Studio packageRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High Fashion Studio
Rainbow High dolls – definitely a hit of 2020! If you are not yet familiar with them, visit our article review of beauty from the company MGAE.
rainbow high fashion dollsRainbow High Dolls
Rainbow High dolls – Collect the Rainbow of Fashion dolls
Rainbow High dolls – it’s new fashion dolls from MGAE company. What is Rainbow Surprise Rainbow High? I think the characters of Rainbow high

rainbow high-doll

In their first year of release, Rainbow High dolls appeared on several hot toy lists, including Toys “R” Us Canada and The Toy Insider while NPD Group reported that in August 2020, Rainbow High dolls were the #3 best-selling fashion dolls and #7 best-selling dolls in the United States.

Each Rainbow High doll looks bold in their signature color and comes with all the accessories needed to complete their outfits. When you put them all together, they create a full spectrum of the rainbow.
When you first unpack the fashion doll, wash her hair thoroughly to remove the styling gel and let her hair dry completely. Then her hair is ready for combing.

Watch the animated series on YouTube!

Just type in “Rainbow High Dolls.”
After the release of the first dolls, the animated series Rainbow High was announced. The series is produced by Australian animation studio Pixel Zoo premiered the first episode on October 2, 2020, and the following episodes are released every two weeks. A series of shorter webisodes on the universe from the perspective of Purple Willow (“Life of Vee”) was released simultaneously with the main animated series, which premiered biweekly. Karma Nichols (Content with Karma) released its first episode on April 16, 2021. The first season of computer-animated web episodes released its final episode on June 11, 2021. The second season aired on July 16, 2021.

Rainbow High dolls  names:

  1. Ruby Anderson (voiced by Tara Sands ) is a graphic designer and style pioneer known for creating custom shoes.
  2. Poppy Rowan (voiced by Anairis Quiñones) is a music engineer and DJ at Rainbow High
  3. Sunny Madison (voiced by Laura Steel) is an African-American computer animation girl with a bright and cheerful personality and Violet’s childhood friend.
  4. Jade Hunter (voiced by Jenny Yokobori) is a smart, sassy makeup artist who likes to outrage people with her dramatic looks.
    Skyler Bradshaw (voiced by Anairis Quiñones) is a shy and quiet girl, but a talented fashion designer who prefers her work to speak for itself.
  5. Violet Willow (voiced by Keira Buckland ) is a digital media student and influencer with her own online reality show “The Vi Life” and childhood friend Sonny.
  6. Bella Parker (voiced by Brittany Cox) is an art student and a member of the girl group on the runway.
  7. Amaya Rain (voiced by Brittany Lauda) is a fashion designer and Bella’s replacement in the group of girls on the runway
  8. Daria Roselin (voiced by Kyra Please) is a first year from Miami specializing in music.
  9. Georgia Bloom (voiced by Mel Lee ) is a freshman who is no ordinary debutante majoring in the performing arts.
  10. Sheryl Meyer (voiced by Lizzie Freeman) is a first year Beverly Hills and majoring in textile design.
  11. Daphne Minton (voiced by Susie Jung) is a first-year growing up in New Mexico, specializing in jewelry design and accessory design.
  12. Gabriella Isley (voiced by Cheramie Lee ) – a bajillionaire from Alaska, competitive first-year student majoring in fashion.
  13. Amy Vanda (voiced by Xante Huynh ) is a first year whose passion is art and is never bored, and she specializes in visual art.
  14. Jett Dawson (voiced by Judy Alice Lee) – A fourth year student who majors in fashion and textile design who has traveled throughout Asia

The girls can collect 6 Rainbow High dolls  friends together and place each one on a handy stand, where they will wait for the start of the game! The collection of colorful toys pleases children, little fashionistas are eager to find new parts of the series, happy when collected all the kids and can brag to their friends a whole original collection!