Real Cooking Princess Cakes Deluxe Baking Set

Cooking princess cakes

Cooking princess cakes baking set

An amazing toy – a gift for girls over six years old! Older girls are already very eager to cook cakes and other goodies, but mother usually does not allow for real cuisine, because it is often unsafe and time consuming. We offer to your attention a set for the young confectioner and princess lover  – Real Cooking Princess Cakes Deluxe Baking Set.

 Cooking princess cakes

With this set, your girl will cook real food and really easy! The set includes everything you need to make Disney princesses. It remains to add only fresh milk, eggs and butter.

Cooking princess cakes baking set 4What’s in the Box:
Food Contents: Cake Mix, Pink Fondant, Green Fondant, and 2 Sprinkle Pouches

Contents: 2 Dolls, Silicone Dress Baking Mold, Rolling Pin, Placemat, Molded Wings, Pattern Cutter 1 , Pattern Cutter 2, Pattern Cutter 3, Ribbon Cutter, Bow Cutter, Leaf Cutter, Sculpting Tool 1 – Spatula/Pick, Sculpting Tool 2 – Flower Stamp/Knife, Cake Stand with Base, Cake Cutter, and Instruction Sheet

Cookingprincess cakes 3 Cooking princess cakes baking set 2

Cooking princess cakes 2 Cooking princess cakes 1

The manufacturer of this toy is Skyrocket Toys – the leading developer, manufacturer and seller of a wide range of consumer products, including toys, drones, accessories for bicycles and sports goods. With offices in Los Angeles, Hong Kong and China, the company creates and distributes innovative technology products that are sold under major licenses, as well as brand names such as Fuse, Real Cooking, Prank Star and Sky Viper.

In our opinion, this is a great gift for any girl who is interested in princesses and cooking goodies, cakes. And also it is a joy for mom, because she will be proud of her child. Fun games!

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