SHOPKINS SHOPPIES – Let’s study the world with dolls!

rosa pinata shoppies

shopkins shoppies world vacation

1. Each doll in the series is devoted to a particular place on the globe, which she visits.

Shopkins Shoppies World Vacation dolls focus on different themes, cultures. The bezel, clothes and shoes of each doll imitate the cultural clothes of a particular country. For example, Sarah Sushi, who visits Japan, wears a pink and black short kimono in Harajuku’s wicker style.

sara sushi shoppies

These dolls also have incredible themed details. Sarah Sushi dress is decorated with Japanese cherry flowers and one small sushi roll. The top of her dress also resembles a piece of sushi. Her shoes are decorated with lots of cherries and sushi with rice.

Very cute!

2. Shopkins Shoppies World Dolls are sold with 2 Shopkins and other goodies.
The doll is definitely the main toy, but other amenities are also included!

Each World Vacation Shoppie has 2 matching shopkins. Sarah Sushi, for example, comes with a teapot and batch tea cups decorated with the same colors.

Shopkins Shoppies World Vacation dolls also have two other things to travel: a suitcase and a passport. The suitcase has a handle that the buyer can use to pull it out, or hang the suitcase from your kid’s backpack. Of course, outside themed with lots of specific details. The suitcase opens so your little one can pack his doll — including her passport — inside.

3. Included is a luggage tag for your baby.
Inside is a fun little cardboard tag for luggage.

4. Do not throw away the doll stand.
All Shopkins Shoppies come with plastic doll stands. Keep this booth! Your baby’s shoppeople will not be able to stand upright without him (shoppers have big heads that make them fall).

5. Shopkins Shoppies are designed to fit into other Shopkins products.

6. Your baby can be styled in a Shopkins Shoppies store. Depends…
We love that Shopkins Shoppies have hair that can be styled. BUT, it depends on what kind of shop you have, how relevant your hair is. Coralie (visiting Australia) has hair that is easy to style with a doll comb, because it is straight. Bubbleisha (in China) has hair that already has 2 horns, so you cannot scratch her hair without spoiling it.

If your baby really likes to comb hair, choose a doll with longer, longer hair.

7. Some pieces of clothing are interchangeable.
Like other Shopkins Shoppies, World Vacation dolls have removable pieces of clothing that can be mixed and matched with other purchases. In general, you should be able to take off the fabric circular skirt, shoes, and bezel (or beret) to dress other dolls.

Top and colored plastic tights, which are actually part of the doll and are not removed.

8. Use the attached passport code in the Shopkins World Vacation app.

The Shopkins World Vacation series has its own free gaming application. Little ones can travel the world by playing a pop ball game. When they win, they collect stamps in their passports and travel to new places.

Although the application can be downloaded for free, you will need your buyer’s passport code to unlock new levels.

9. You need to collect 9 Shopkin Shoppies World Vacation dolls.

spaghetti sue shoppies
Spaghetti Sue visits Italy

macy macaron shoppies
Macy Macaron visits France
rosa pinata shoppies 1
Jessicac visits the UK
rosa pinata shoppies
Rose Pinata visits Mexico
bubbleisha shoppies
Bubbleisha visits China
pinkie cola shoppies
Pinkie Cola visits America
donatina shoppies
Donatina visits Brazil
coralee shoppies
Coralie visits Australia
sara sushi shoppies
Sarah Sushi visits Japan

10. There are other accessories from Shopkins Shoppies World Vacation.
Going for a birthday and want to have a full set of games?

Then you will be glad that there are several accessories on the World Vacation theme that you can buy along with Shopkins Shoppies dolls.

shopkins-world vacation game shoppies
Shopkins World Vacation – Board Game
Shopkins Plane Playset shopkins
Shopkins Airplane
Peppa Mints Gelati Scooter shopkins
Shopkins Shoppe Gelati Scooter Peppa-Mint (comes with a doll)
Oh-La La Macaron Café shopkins
Cafe La La Macaron

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