Sindy – Playset 2021

sindy dolls playset 2021 promo HOT TOYS

Meet the legendary Sindy dolls in new looks with Play sets!

The new Sindy dolls are fully articulated.

sindy dolls playset 2021

Meet the girls! Riding club, designer, salon stylist, sweets, pet store and ballerina Sindy.
They will be available on and at Sainsbury’s store over the next few weeks. While the dolls will only be produced in the UK, but the manufacturer understands that there are many international fans, and they are working to make new dolls available around the world.

sindy dolls playset 2021 promo

Sindy Playset Designer – Fashion Store

The perfect game set for any fashionista who loves dolls. She wears a purple T-shirt, shiny black leggings, a purple tutu skirt, a silver bomber and purple sneakers. She has long black curly hair and a purple bow on her head.
Fashion blogger Sindy also comes with Sindy’s black backpack and plastic laptop, so she can always post photos of her fashion finds for her fans.

Sindy Playset Ballet Studio

The perfect game set for any doll lover who loves to dance and perform. She’s wearing pink tights, an all-pink tutu, ballet tights and ballet shoes, and she has super-silky dark hair laid in a tall ballet bun.
Ballet Studio Sindy also comes with gaiters, a scented cardigan and a plastic ballet holder so Sindy can rehearse and rehearse before her big performance on stage.

Sindy Playset Sweet Treats

The perfect game set for any doll lover who loves to bake sweets and give happiness. She’s wearing a purple skater dress with a cute confetti print and purple sneakers, and she has very long purple hair laid in a high ponytail that’s perfect for styling.
Sweet Treats Sindy also comes with a cute fabric apron, 3 plastic cakes, a polyethylene bagel, plastic ice cream with sorbet, a plastic smoothie and plastic fruit juice to get a lot of baking fun.

Salon Stylist Sindy Sindy playset

The perfect game set for any doll lover who just loves to make new friends. She is wearing a bright pink T-shirt, a pastel-colored dress, bright pink ballet flats and a pink belt for accessories. She has very silky long pastel pink hair, with which she likes to try new styles.
Salon stylist Sindy also offers a hair brush, hairpins and a mirror that can be stored in her pink belt with accessories.

Riding Club Sindy Playset

The perfect game set for any little fan of equestrian sports. She is wearing a blue T-shirt and vest, grey jodhpurs and blue riding boots. She has shady red hair gathered under her blue riding hat.
Sindy’s riding club also comes with Sindy’s pony, reins, bridle and saddle, as well as a blue brush to make his mane look its best.

Sindy Playset Pet Parlour

Prices of Sindy Playsets:

  • Sindy Riding Club £35
  • £sterle ballerina £25
  • Pet shop £25
  • Designer £20
  • £sterling Salon Stylist £20
  • Sweet treats £20

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